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it.grower accounting cockpit

Simplified Grower Accounting Process Flow with Totes Management

A simplified grower accounting process ensures that all transactions are accounted for in a timely, efficient and accurate manner. The it.grower accounting cockpit provides multiple display and transaction functionality, with an enhanced view of weight ticket creation and quality management results. The solution enables weight ticket creation, goods receipt, posting of quality results, producer payroll with invoice splitting, transfer posting of direct procurement and consignment material, tote management, and tote payment.

Your Benefits

Simple and Cost Effective

Web-based solution with intuitive interface

Role-based Access

Transaction access based on role assignment

User-friendly, Actionable Interface

Easy weight ticket creation and quality management

Your Benefits

Weight Ticket Management

Effective weight ticket management capabilities include the ability to attach and print documents in the weight ticket, as well as changing the status of the weight ticket dynamically from the Weight Ticket Monitor.

Tote Inventory Calculation and Payment

Tote management capabilities include the ability to do tote inventory calculation and payment, with automatic PO creation.

Split Payment to Growers

Input multiple payees and split up grower payments based on agreements.

Functions and Features of it.grower accounting cockpit

The it.grower accounting cockpit supports the following:

  • Weight ticket creation, copy and change functionality
  • Goods receipt, PO creation and inspection lot creation
  • Label print based on number of totes and material weight
  • Results recording and usage decision
  • Producer payroll with invoice splitting
  • Transfer posting for consignment material and consignment settlement
  • Quality inspection
  • Tote inventory and payment (PO creation)
  • Weight ticket monitor and printing
  • Hauler payment (PO creation)


  • Minimum of Release of SAP S/4HANA 1610
  • Minimum SAP Fiori prerequisites
  • Minimum SAP NetWeaver Gateway release 2.0 SP05 or higher
  • Requires a software maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates

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