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GIB Suite Production

Start Planning Capacities Accurately and Efficiently

Production planning and scheduling is a fluid, dynamic process. Schedules are always being adjusted to meeting changing customer requirements, changing priorities and shifting capacities. Managing schedules and resources in this dynamic environment requires flexible, real-time and easy-to-use tools within your core SAP system.

Your Benefits

Drag and Drop Functionality

Real-time response in simulations prior to production

Capacity Planning and Sequencing

Tabular planning table to optimize production process

Quick, Flexible Planning

Quick and easy adjustments to capacity

Your Benefits

Error-Free Production

Provides risk-free production planning that results in saved time, resources, and money.

Immediate Triggering Purposes

In cases of bottlenecks, conflict, or overload, immediately trigger the necessary measures across different planning areas.

At-a-Glance Planning

All important information such as missing parts, exceptions, PRT, and conflicts can be viewed in one easy dashboard, along with drag & drop capabilities.

Features and Functions of GIB Suite Production

The GIB Suite Production (GSP) solution provides support for the following:

  • Fully embedded within SAP, no additional hardware or interfaces required
  • Easy capacity set up and adjustment
  • Frozen zone, ad hoc formula, individual multi-screen monitor
  • Individual design of work center view
  • Integration of MRP information
  • Change over and setup time adjustments


  • Minimum of Release SAP ECC 6.0 EhP 0
  • Requires a software maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates.

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