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GIB Suite Inventory

Focusing on the Essentials for the Supply Chain

85% of businesses don’t have optimal supply chain performance, and 65% are performing demand planning outside of SAP ERP. In addition, offline spreadsheets and other manual efforts are wasting too much time. To fully optimize supply chain performance within SAP, maximizing service levels and minimizing inventory and operating costs must become a priority. GIB Suite Inventory (GSI) helps you optimize your inventory in the long-run – with minimal effort.

Your Benefits

Increased Transparency

Clarity of inventory drivers and risk materials

Simplified Material Classifications

Classify according to ABC and XYZ analyses

Quick Decision Making

Quick access to information for effective collections

Your Benefits

Robust Display and Formatting Options

Provides customized displays for product lifecycles.

More Information on Optimization

Identify optimization potential with industry-specific rule-sets.

Increase Delivery Readiness

Increase service levels and optimize safety stock.

Functions and Features of GIB Suite Inventory

Optimize inventories and increase supply readiness at the same time. Additional features the GIB Suite Inventory (GSI) solution provides:

  • Resides in SAP ERP for better reporting and segmentation tools
  • Integration of requirement-specific key figures
  • Material classifications according to ABC and XYZ analyses
  • Integration of product lifecycles
  • Simulation of MRP parameters
  • Master data update tool
  • Effective use of the range of coverage matrix
  • Use of rule sets and decision trees


  • Minimum of SAP ECC 6.0 EhP 0
  • Requires a software maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates

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