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DataXstream OMS+

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Experience

Effective selling requires complex order management and counter sales capabilities across all customer engagement channels. Complex quote-to-cash and sourcing processes must be supported across all customer interactions. OMS+ is an order management and point-of-sale solution that addresses the challenges inherent in complex business models, with a user interface that reflects real-life customer engagements and provides the platform for making SAP ERP the foundation of a true unified commerce strategy.

Your Benefits

Deploys in the Cloud

Interacts directly with SAP ERP via web-enabled devices

Actionable Customer Data

Empower your CSRs and sales teams

Single, Simple Interface

Across all transactions (store, mobile, call center)

Your Benefits

View Information and Data About Customers Quickly and Efficiently

The customer 360 View page is entirely customizable. Data panels can be turned on or off, moved and resized. Custom data panels can also be tailored to meet your needs. Regardless of your use case, the customer page within OMS+ provides powerful data aggregation through sortable tables and easy-to-read graphs.

Create Cash-and-Carry Sales with a Simple Order View

The OMS+ Simple Order View allows you to create an order, add materials and tender the order, all in the same window. This enables fast transactions within a simple and intuitive interface. Simple Order View works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as typical desktop or tablet devices. This is helpful in situations where the Customer Service Representative is interacting with a customer in the warehouse or on the showroom floor.

Create Orders and Returns with Just a Few Clicks

OMS+ handles every aspect of the order tendering process, making order creation in SAP easier than ever. By streamlining this process into a simple and user-friendly display, the need for user trainer is significantly reduced, and users are able to more efficiently utilize their time with the customer to create a better consumer experience.


  • Optimize sales processes and transactions with a flexible and intuitive user interface that reduces interaction cycle times.
  • Leverage a best-in-class user interface to leverage the power of SAP SD business processes.
  • Transact in real time with the most accurate customer and material availability information.
  • Efficiently identify your customer, understand buying patterns, research and identify the right products and sourcing options to close the sale.
  • Supports advanced hardware, payment card processing and supply chain integration.
  • Installed and configured in days; overlay existing sales processes or implement out-of-the-box preconfigured sales processes.


  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP S/4HANA, SAP Suite on HANA, or SAP ERP (ECC)
  • SAP Document Management System
  • Also supports SAP FMS and SAP for Retail

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