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VAT Accounting Localization for Automated Accounting Workflow

SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA on-premise implementation in Ukrainian companies is always a big challenge because of high complexity of local legislation. Thus, the biggest difficulty is connected to localization of VAT accounting. Our solution for localization of VAT accounting for Ukraine it.VAT_UA is designed to satisfy business needs of any enterprise. It includes a thorough analysis of all current processes of the company that influence VAT accounting, execution of all relevant settings, generation, print and export of tax documents and reports in the legally required formats. With over 15 years experience in VAT accounting implementation for big companies in Ukraine, our solution it.VAT_UA allows for fast implementation and efficiency maximization of the automated processes.

Your Benefits

Maximized Automation

it.VAT_UA allows to automate majority of the processes related to VAT accounting and VAT reporting

Keep Up-to-Date

Our solution for localization of VAT accounting for Ukraine always meets the latest requirements of the corresponding Ukrainian legislation

Optimization and Efficiency

it.VAT_UA is based on the experience of VAT accounting implementation for many Ukrainian companies in different industries.

Your Benefits

Complete Alignment with Legal Requirements for VAT Accounting in Ukraine

Our solution it.VAT_UA is updated on a regular basis and helps you to maintain VAT accounting transactions according to the latest requirements of Ukrainian legislation that significantly reduces risks of penalties. It helps to optimize existing processes of VAT accounting and to implement them in your SAP system in the most effective way.

Based on the Best Practices of VAT Accounting Implementation in SAP for Ukrainian Companies

it.VAT_UA is enriched with experience of successful VAT accounting implementations for the big quantity of Ukrainian enterprises that substantially speeds up time of implementation and allows to automate processes related to VAT accounting at maximum level.

Automation of Special Operations Related to VAT Accounting and Specific Operations for Your Business in SAP System

The solution it.VAT_UA is based on standard SAP AddOn for Ukraine and allows to automate VAT accounting processes according to your specific requirements. Thus, significant simplification of a daily work of accounting department makes your business more efficient.

Functions and Features of it.VAT_UA

  • Compliance with all possible requirements to VAT accounting in Ukraine
  • Support of all file formats required for exchange with tax authorities (xml files for tax invoices, corrective tax invoices and tax return with appendix) 
  • Tools to control accuracy of calculated VAT amounts
  • Automation of VAT related processes at maximum level
  • Incoming tax documents (in FI) generation, based on the xml files with tax documents received from vendors
  • Automated generation of tax documents for particular cases
  • Overview of all tax documents in the register of incoming and outgoing tax documents


  • Release SAP ERP with installed AddOn C-CEE at relevant level and the latest packages of updates (SP) or with all SAP Notes relevant to the component of localization for Ukraine XX-CSC-UA-FI
  • Release SAP S/4HANA with installed latest packages of updates for S4CORE (SP) or with all SAP Notes relevant to the component of localization for Ukraine XX-CSC-UA-FI
  • Built in UA language
  • SAP Java Instance with ADS should be in the systems landscape and configured for generation and print of pdf forms accordingly from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system.

Contractual relationships are required for implementation and further maintenance, which includes full support during implementation, information services and notifications of changes, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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