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The B2B / EDI Integration Platform for Small and Large Businesses

The exchange of electronic data such as orders, invoices and delivery and credit notes with various business partners is an integral part of day-to-day business. Therefore, a simple and efficient connection with B2B partners is an important key to success. it.x-EDIconnect allows you to connect with customers and suppliers to support and monitor all incoming and outgoing processes in the area of electronic data exchange (EDI) without media disruption.

Your Benefits

Integrated EDI Communication

Connect business partners and exchange messages

Simplicity & Security

Fast and secure integration of your business cases

Efficiency & Transparency

Simplify the connection with your business partners

Your Benefits

Seamless B2B Integration of All File Formats

Easily integrate business processes of existing and new business partners into your IT system to allow for a fast and efficient connection - no matter what software the company uses. With it.x-EDIconnect, all file formats become available to you. Moreover, the solution includes a broad range of communication adapters. This helps for tapping into new customer segments while simultaneously strengthening existing relationships. If required, it is also easy to integrate the ZUGFeRD standard.

Transparent EDI Communication and Monitoring of Business Processes

By integrating it.x-EDIconnect into your existing ERP landscape, you gain complete transparency across each of your EDI processes through functional, technical and log monitoring. Search EDI data based on information within the documents, create overviews of all processes in table form and much more.

Personalized User Interfaces According to Your Individual Requirements

Provide customized user interfaces for all departments. The adaptive, user-friendly interfaces of it.x-EDIconnect helps to conserve precious resources by decreasing manual labor effort with simplified operability designed to meet individual needs and requirements.

Functions and Features of it.x-EDIconnect

  • Coverage of all requirements for typical EDI communication with business partners
  • Supports all common data formats in the EDI environment, such as: EDIFACT, ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, VDA, ANSI X.12, PlainText, CSV and CML
  • Browser-based UI5 business monitoring with active integration of the department user
  • Integrated 3-step monitoring to gain full transparency over your system
  • Extensive mapping library allows for quick implementation of all business cases (20,000+ Profiles)
  • API (portals) connection / REST / Amazon Portal
  • Usage of the latest adapter technologies to secure future needs (App / Cloud Foundry Architecture)
  • Implementation and usage of solution independent of all existing ERP systems (SAP/ non-SAP)
  • Simplified operability through adaptive user interface
  • SLAs / AMS Service for customer support

An Easy and Efficient Connection with Business Partners is One Key to Success

Enhanced electronic data exchange and EDI processes with an EDI Integration platform



  • Delivery of solution, including corresponding documentation
  • The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk Support and product updates


  • Operation and hosting of cloud-based EDI solution
  • The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes Operating, Hosting, Support Availability and delivery of the cloud solution

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2019/X64 64BIT
  • Windows Server 2008 R2/X64 64BIT
  • Windows 10 64-BIT
  • Windows 7 64-BIT
  • Ubuntu / Debian / others possible on request

Supported Databases

  • MySQL or MS SQL Server 2008 or later
  • Java: OpenJDK 10 or OracleJRE 10

System Requirements

  • PU: 2 Cores
  • Main Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 80 GB HDD, if required more
  • Database: 2 GB + 50 KB per EDI message
  • Independent of SAP ERP version (4.6c to S/4)

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