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it.perform and develop

Optimize Workforce Performance, Engagement, and Productivity

With our ready-to-use solution, we help you to adapt your human resources management processes for the digital era. We help you optimize your workforce performance, engagement, and productivity. With more than 30 years of experience in the various industries, we offer proven knowledge and an integrated solution that gives you real-time insight into your processes and enables you to turn opportunities into hard business results.

Your Benefits
Products & Services

Ready-to-Use Solution Package  

Shorter implementation with ready-to-use templates

Real-Time Reporting

Act on real time reports for better decision-making

Go-Live in 4 to 10 Weeks 

Optimized workforce performance in only few weeks

Your Benefits

Better Business Performance and Decreased Costs

The it.perform and develop solution helps you to gain data-driven insights into your main HR processes. Fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, the solution uses data and analytics to help increase the effectiveness and visibility of your workforce at a low cost. Using integrated data, you can evaluate trends in performance and see how investments in people are affecting business results.

Improved Talent Attraction and Retention

By investing in performance management and reporting, you can improve your ability to lead the workforce, accelerate change and drive results. The solution enables you to deliver fast and accurate answers to key questions about the workforce and influence talent decisions. In addition, a complete, 360-degree cross-departmental view of metrics and insights helps to foster trust among business leaders and employees.

Enhanced Employee Engagement, Development and Productivity

Analytics throughout the employee life cycle can deliver significant benefits, from identifying candidate suitability to determining possible courses of action. This solution bridges the gap between employees and managers in a unified way. By combining traditional and non-traditional workforce data, the solution helps you to gain actionable insights to optimize your talent pool.

Scope of it.perform and develop

Choose from small, medium or large implementation packages, depending on the maturity of your business processes.

Small Package

  • Basic Profile
  • Singular goal type structure (Company goals)
  • 8 different goal fields, 3 scaled performance evaluation metrics
  • Team/Group/Individual goal structure
  • Benefitting from SAP SuccessFactors goal library for goal evaluation
  • Benefitting from SAP SuccessFactors competency library for competency evaluation
  • Competency and goal evaluation via single performance form
  • Performance evaluation for 3 phases; goal assignment, mid-year review and year-end assessments.
  • Deriving final performance score from managers score
  • Succession planning
  • Talent pools
  • 9-box matrix (Performance x Potential)
  • 1 development plan per employee
  • Career worksheet
  • Reports: Ad-hoc reporting, Goal plan, Performance assessment status, Overall form rating, Goals / Competency Ratings, Nominated Positions, Positions have successors, Competencies associated with development goals

Medium Package

  • Small Package contents
  • 14 different goal fields, 5 scaled performance evaluation metrics
  • SMART goals library
  • Continuous performance management
  • Calibration
  • Ask for feedback
  • Reports: Small package reports, Inactive user goals, Goals which are not involved in performance assessment, Calibration sessions summary, CPM activities, achievements and feedbacks related to goal plans, Job roles considered

Large Package

  • Medium Package Contents
  • Multiple goal types structure (Company and individual)
  • Flexible scaled performance evaluation metrics
  • 2 different calibration sessions (team and company)
  • Asking for feedback from second-level manager of employee via “Get comment” function
  • Asking for feedback from peers via “Get Edit” function.
  • 2 different development plans
  • Role readiness assessment
  • Mentorship
  • Reports: Medium package reports, Role readiness assessment results, Mentor/mentee match

Products & Services

Software Requirements

  • Solution requires valid subscription for SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals and SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development
  • Delivery service in Small, Medium or Large implementation packages
  • Prepackaged reports
  • Turkish and English Language support is available

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