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it.human platform

Next Generation Customer Experience with Digital Humans

Emotions are a key factor in providing good customer service and driving purchasing behavior. Since emotions are communicated non-verbally through micro expressions and body language, it is no surprise that self-service portals, chat bots and web shops are not suited for establishing emotional connections. Instead, let your customers experience personalized service without increasing costs by using it.human platform, which combines the ease of natural human interactions with complete up-to-date knowledge.

Your Benefits


Sees you, hears you and talks to you


Expresses emotions and interacts naturally


Remembers facts and past conversations

Your Benefits

A Differentiated and Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

We develop your digital human persona to bring value to your specific business. Whether it be an assistant, car dealer or receptionist – your new digital human will provide extraordinary customer service. The digital human will be available 24/7 and at multiple places simultaneously, providing context-based service on a consistent level. Last but not least – the digital human has a great understanding of emotions and an impeccable memory of people and conversations, resulting in a highly customized service.

A Human Avatar is Just Like Hiring a New Employee - Except for the Price!

Introducing a digital human in your workforce will automate operations and save costs on personnel. The monthly salary for an it.human is less than half of a human employee, and you can cancel the contract with a few months’ notice. In addition to the difference in salary, you also get the advantages of having your digital human working around the clock, never being late, never getting sick, never requesting vacation days, and never having a bad day.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Digital Customer Service Assistance

A virtual human works splendidly on its own, but it is also very good at collaborating with real human colleagues. Let the digital human support your frontline workers by carrying the load of all the heavy knowledge and give your employees the possibility to ask their digital colleague about product specs, inventory statuses, configuration possibilities, guidebook paragraphs and much more. This way you get the best of both worlds – and customers get a highly personalized and professional service on the floor.

Functions and Features of it.human platform

  • Access anywhere on any device 
    Our digital humans are cloud rendered and will show up anywhere you want
  • Don’t get interrupted
    We use advanced microphone technology to ensure a high-quality natural voice interaction with no microphone racks or push-to-talk buttons, while still ensuring that only the voice of the interacting customer is picked up
  • No eavesdropping
    Our digital human uses a combination of camera and microphone to make sure that it only listens when you are actively speaking to it
  • Communicate with more than words
    Our interface allows for images and videos to be a natural part of the conversation
  • Avoid having to repeat yourself
    Once you have shared something about yourself and your preferences, our digital human will remember it the next time you interact with it
  • Sensing the mood
    Our digital human will know the difference between a cheery and a serious message, and will deliver it with a facial expression that matches the mood
  • Get a smile back
    Our digital human can see if you look happy, sad or angry, and will respond with a suitable expression on its own face. After all, a smile is the shortest distance between two people.




  • All inclusive: Hardware, software, license, delivery, installation and support
  • Initial project to build knowledge base: 5 - 50 days depending on complexity
  • Monthly salary for a digital human: Less than half of a human employee, depending on how many features are included

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