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it.foreign trade

Easy-to-Use Foreign Trade Management with Optimized Reporting

The it.foreign trade solution allows you to manage foreign trade processes end to end through an easy-to-use user interface. You can create order records within the SAP system, track stock movement, and account for all product costs within the system with the Automatic Cost Calculation function. Analysis and reporting functionality provides real-time reporting to minimize errors, increase productivity and optimize processes.

Your Benefits

Centralized & Unified System

Increases efficiency for end-to-end trade processes

Real-Time Reporting

Act on real-time reports for better decision-making

Accurate Cost Calculations 

Enhance your reporting with automated calculations

Your Benefits

Manage Both Import and Export Processes Together

You can manage end-to-end foreign trade processes such as creating order records within the SAP system, documenting shipping information integrated into SAP, tracking stock movements, as well as accounting for all product costs within the system with the Automatic Cost Calculation function.

Analyze and Report Processes in Real-Time

Analysis and reporting of processes play an important role for your company‘s short and long-term strategies, as well as the processes themselves. it.foreign trade provides instant reporting of all processes such as shipment documents reporting, order tracking, warehouse tracking, cost lists, analysis and tracking, while helping you increase the efficiency of processes.

Effective Accounting Processes With Accurate Cost Calculations

With the it.foreign trade Automatic Cost Calculation function, you can automatically calculate the cost that may occur in a foreign trade process based on documents such as letter of credit, invoices, pro-forma and freight invoice. In this way, you can manage the calculation and accounting of imported or exported goods more easily than ever.

Functions and Features of it.foreign trade

  • Flexible Enough to Meet Individual Needs
  • Easy to manage and report logistic cycles
  • Totally in-line reporting with accounting
  • Automatic cost calculation, automatic cost allocation to logistic documents
  • Detailed operations in both import and export processes

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