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it.DGM suite

Optimized Management of Hazardous Substances and Shipment of Dangerous Goods

Managing hazardous materials requires a greater level of support to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards. it.DGM suite is a solution for hazardous goods management in SAP, which helps to make the administration of hazardous material data, document management and shipment processing easier to maintain. The solution enhances the SAP standard material management function with features for compliance and the verification of regulatory standards.

Your Benefits

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance checks for loading and packing regulations

Extensive SAP Mapping

Mapping of various regulations in your SAP system

Smart Label Printing

Print based on CLP regulation and package labeling

Your Benefits

Local Requirements for Production and Storage of Hazardous Substances

Store your hazardous materials in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations safely and efficiently. it.DGMSuite allows you to manage the storing of hazardous materials within your existing SAP ERP system and to maintain all the necessary material master data. In addition, the usage of Excel imports drastically improves speed and lowers the error rate.

Material Safety Data Sheets Management According to REACH Regulation

Create, manage and transmit your material safety data sheets according to the REACH regulation. With it.DGMSuite, safety sheets get automatically sent in the required intervals or whenever an update occurs. By digitalizing data transmission processes, the add-on creates fully verifiable and traceable paper trails of your document handling. Further, the solution enables communication of information regarding chemical substances throughout your supply chain so your business partners are always aware of the necessary health and safety precautions.

Fast and Secure SAP Hazardous Shipping With Complex Rule Sets

Ship dangerous goods from your warehouse managed by SAP ERP or SAP EWM in compliance with the respective regulations by Air (IATA), Sea (IMDG) or Road (ADR). it.DGMSuite allows you to transmit any relevant dangerous goods data to your CEP carriers or freight forwarders electronically to enable them to handle your dangerous goods accordingly. Print all necessary UN and safety labels and utilize the 200+ it.x-press carriers to ship your dangerous goods in any country that follows IATA/IMDG/ADR.

Functions and Features of it.DGM suite

it.DGM suite consists of the two modules it.DGMat and it.DGShip. it.DGMat specializes on management of hazardous substances and document management, including interfaces with databases of Chemical Check, ChemGes and EPOS. it.DGShip supports shipment of dangerous goods and hazardous substances with road freight (ADR), sea freight (IMDG) and air freight (IATA).

Functionality of it.DGShip:

  • Supports the common GefStoffV, PIC procedure, ChemVerbotsV or the RoHS guideline
  • Preparation of the shipper's declaration for the modes of transport by road, sea and air
  • Checks for deviations from the excess/shortage regulation
  • Check of the 1,000 point rule at shipment level
  • Maintenance and check of the legally required packaging instructions
  • Check for packed/loaded dangerous goods

Functionality of it.DGMat:

  • Storage of hazardous substance master data and physical-chemical parameters
  • Administration and dispatch of documents such as material safety data sheets, technical data sheets, etc.
  • Document release according to the dual control principle possible
  • Generation of a VOC customer balance
  • Display of the hazardous substances register
  • Interface Chemical Check / ChemGes / EPOS
  • SCIP database linkage to register and report SVHC substances with the ECHA

Optimized Process Interplay of it.DGM Suite Modules it.DGShip and it.DGMat

Enhanced management of hazardous substances, hazardous material data and safety data sheets in SAP


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

Software Requirements

  • Release SAP ERP 604
  • Release SAP S/4HANA
  • Document Management requires a document management system (DMS) with certified archive link interface

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