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it.transportation optimization

Accurate Delivery Times and Reduction of Transportation Costs

Transportation planning and execution is still a manual process for many companies, as well as their transportation data maintenance. This might lead to incorrect lead times, delayed deliveries and poor performance - all of which can damage customer satisfaction and relationships. To address these challenges, NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed a solution to automate and optimize Carrier determination-, Enhanced Shipping Point determination-, Enhanced Route determination-, and Master Data processes.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Reduced Transportation Costs

Save money with full transparency and cost control

Effective Data Maintenance

Easy maintenance of shipping and transportation data

Save Time through Automation

Less manual work in your transportation processes

Your Benefits

Freight Cost Pre-Calculation and Best Carrier Determination

Based on SAP standard freight pricing or freight charge rates in it.x-press, the carrier determination can be executed in the sales order, delivery or shipment. Flexible grouping of carriers, using SAP standard fields and Shipping Options in it.x-press, can be used to compare carriers. it.transportation optimization makes it possible to transfer the pre-calculated freight charge to the sales order pricing procedure. Using SAP standard material master data for alternative unit of measure, the expected number of shipping units can be dynamically calculated.

Extended and Flexible Shipping Point Determination

Improve your internal lead times and delivery scheduling with accurate goods issue date. Using additional SAP standard fields available in the field catalog, the proposed shipping point is determined at the Stock Transport Order or Sales Order. In addition, grouping SAP standard fields minimizes the number of entries.

Accurate and Optimized Route Determination

Optimize transit times and deliveries with the accurate delivery date. With more than 20 additional SAP standard fields available in the field catalog, the route can be determined either at the Stock Transport Order, Sales Order or Delivery. Using the validity start and end date, it is possible to prepare the future route determination.

Functions and Features of it.transportation optimization

  • Freight prices based on SAP Standard Freight Rates and Freight Charges in it.x-press
  • Choose the best carrier based on lead times from the route to deliver the goods faster
  • Based on SAP Standard Unit of Measure, conversion of the expected number of pallets/packages can be calculated to find the optimal price
  • Easy mass upload from spreadsheet using predefined templates for updating of:
    • Routes and Route determination
    • Pick/Pack-, Loading- and Transportation Planning Time
  • Extended Route determination and Extended Shipping Point determination provides more flexibility and dynamic determination of routes and shipping points for the logistics flows


Optimized Processes with it.transportation optimization

Accurate delivery times and transportation data with an transportation optimization solution


  • Fully integrated with SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and it.x-press
  • Easy to adapt to the existing structures and processes
  • Easy- and flexible activation of each module
  • More flexibility by additional selection key
  • Includes a condition technique without any additional condition table
  • Implementation timeline 4-6 month
  • Documentation included


  • The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates.
  • Does not require extension to SAP Standard table
  • Requires on average 15-50 consulting day

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