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Bring Simplicity to Your Supply Chain with a Vendor Portal Solution

The direct spend portal is a vendor portal solution designed for use by both suppliers and internal employees as a single source of truth, improving collaboration and allowing decisions to be made based on accurate, real-time information. The vendor collaboration solution allows pertinent SAP supplier data to be shared with suppliers effectively, in easily digestible formats, whilst allowing them to share their latest data quickly, via minimal clicks, on an online supplier platform.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Administrative Cost Reduction

Empower suppliers to reduce internal admin

Simplification via Automation

Reduce manual efforts within your supply chain

Enhanced Collaboration

Ensure close working relationships with suppliers

Your Benefits

Facilitate Supply Chain Growth without Increasing Administrative Costs

Expanding your supply chain without increasing head count can be difficult and places limitations on growth. Removing manual processes within the supply chain can allow organizations to break out of this cycle. By empowering suppliers to self-serve the data and carry out key tasks in a dedicated portal, you release internal teams to perform real value-add activities rather than manual tasks. This in turn leads to a key additional benefit which is reductions in internal administrative costs.

Work More Collaboratively with Your Direct Spend Suppliers

Empower suppliers to improve the service they offer to you, via an online vendor collaboration solution which allows SAP supplier data to be exchanged quickly and provides visibility to suppliers of key data you wish to share. If suppliers can self-serve data such as material forecasts and key performance indicators they can tailor their behavior to ensure they are providing you with the best service possible and as this is real-time information from core systems, they are reacting to the current version of events.

Ensure Key Data Moves into Core Systems Quickly and Efficiently direct spend portal allows your suppliers to submit key data online, using minimal clicks. This data is rapidly moved into the appropriate locations (subject to approval where required) in your core SAP systems for wider visibility across your organization. This allows informed decisions to be made based on the latest version of the data. The supplier is given a tool for easy data submission and the internal user is given an intuitive location to view and approve submitted data.

Functions and Features of direct spend portal

  • Suppliers manage Purchase Orders and Scheduling Agreements online
  • Provide greater visibility of Key Performance Indicators to suppliers
  • Suppliers respond to issued Requests for Quotation within the portal
  • Suppliers can view and propose changes to their own account data
  • Improve supplier performance by sharing material forecasts
  • Allow suppliers to submit Advanced Shipping Notifications online
  • Provide details of contracts and their consumption to suppliers
  • Structured online supplier submission of invoices
  • Supplier visibility of Quality Notifications against their account
  • Internal version of the portal for collaborative working practices

Streamlined Supply Chain via a Functionally Rich Supplier Platform

The vendor portal solution for SAP supplier data, vendor collaboration and supply chain growth


Your individual consulting efforts and licenses will be determined using a workshop where exact requirements and processes are analyzed.


Software Requirements:

  • ECC 6.0 EHP0 and above (subject to minimum SPS versions)
  • S/4 HANA 1511 and above (subject to minimum SPS versions)

The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes security enhancements and product updates.

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