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Simplified SAP Credit Management with a Fully Integrated Cloud Solution

To avoid decentralized, complex and time consuming SAP credit management, NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed a fully integrated credit management solution. digitalizes your credit insurance process in SAP and reduces manual tasks. It becomes easier to compare and shop among different providers as the solution enables management of multiple insurance companies within the same solution.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Reduced Risk

Comprehensive protection against insolvency risks

Secured Financial Stability

Improved banking relationships and reduced exposure

Your Benefits

Credit Insurance as Economic Security

Most companies have insured buildings, machines and stocks. However, many forget to insure their receivables with clients. This is not wise as bankruptcy of just one major client can have huge consequences for the company. So if you have few, big clients or clients in particularly risky industries, a credit insurance can give economic security even if the client’s situation is economically instable.

Manage Multiple Insurance Companies in One Credit Insurance Solution

Based on the latest SAP technology, integrates relevant items and master data objects in your ERP back-end. The solution enables management of multiple insurance companies within the same solution, thus making it easier to compare and shop amongst different providers. Moreover, can manage multiple policies from insurance companies and customers. Further, it is possible to create various own risks for each customer with multiple rules for the update of credit limits available.

Improved Control and Reduced Risk

All policies and credit limits are date controlled, and all actions are taken from a worklist. The fact that information concerning expiration is pushed instead of pulled reduces the possibility of customers being granted credit without valid insurance. The total of insured credit amount, combined with a potential own risk, is updated as customer credit limit in the credit control area.

SAP Credit Management with Automatic Upgrades in the Cloud runs in the cloud, which implies there will be no further need for transport once installed. Scheduled upgrades (releases) are comfortably applied automatically without the need for your involvement. Data is stored partly in SAP ECC at the credit insurance company, and partly (own risks) in the cloud. No extra data tables are defined in SAP ECC, meaning all maintenance is managed in the cloud.

Functions and Features of

  • Search and Maintain Customer
    Maintain the relevant customer numbers in the cloud, which automatically will be updated at the insurance company
  • Apply for Insurances
    For each customer, apply for a new or extra insurance for all agreed types of insurance
  • Receive Answers from Credit Insurance Company
    Yes/No answer is received in one worklist, and pending answer in a separate worklist. You are also notified when an insurance expire
  • Maintain Own Risk
    Define your own types of risk and maintain the amount for each customer, as well as own risk type. Just like for insurances, own risk is controlled by a start and end date
  • Update Decisions to SAP Credit Limits
    Credit limit = sum of insurance policies + sum of own risks at a Glance is a credit insurance solution for your SAP credit management and management integration


  • Fully integrated to SAP back-end
  • Simple implementation – requires only one initial change to SAP environment
  • Fully scalable cloud solution
  • Can be connected to multiple on premise system
  • Mobile ready with SAP Fiori
  • No investment needed - use-based pricing with a monthly subscription


  • SAP ECC System
  • SAP Cloud connector
  • Web services agreement with insurance provider
  • Creation of S-users
  • One initial transport

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