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it.NIP control

Comprehensive Solution for Greater Legal Security and Transparency When Making Transactions With Enterprises

Verification of the NIP (tax identification) number is aimed at avoiding formal errors in the organization that result from potential user mistakes and, above all, early identification of inactive contractors - i.e. those who are not active VAT taxpayers. Quick identification and marking of the inactive entities reduce the possibility of unjustified VAT deduction and eliminates the risk of incurring the tax consequences resulting from such action. The conducted business activities, in addition to efficiency and effectiveness, must also be safe and reliable, which depend on the correctness that allows for the elimination of negative consequences of possible errors.

Your Benefits

Full Control

Automated and cyclical data check from several sources to ensure correctness

Simplicity and Intuitiveness

Clearly presented notifications show the transparency

Full Compliance

Eliminate the possibility of making a mistake in the VAT allocation and avoid unforeseen situations

Your Benefits

Save Time and Resources

Data is checked with one tool, fully integrated with the SAP system, so you do not need additional third-party products. Staff can focus on performing their tasks with greater confidence and trust, because the control of VAT data is performed using a special tool - it.NIP control. One, standardized scheme for verifying the contractors as taxpayers optimizes the entire process and streamlines payment processing.

Automated Plausibility Check

Functions of the tool perform their tasks automatically in the course of the actions of the system operator. For the NIP number, the control is triggered automatically when the user completes the NIP field, e.g. in the transactions of creating/changing the supplier master data and when completing one-time supplier data in the document. Checking of data in the "White List" takes place during the recording of the supplier's or recipient's data. The system checks the correctness of the combination of the NIP number and the contractor's bank account in the flat file provided by the Ministry of Finance.

Display of Warnings and Log Report

In a situation where the system encounters the first inactive bank account, a warning is displayed. In addition, the solution includes a report that enables the management of NIPs of suppliers/recipients in the system in a mass manner. As a result of running such a report in real mode, suppliers/recipients with inactive NIP are blocked. Accurately documenting the verification activities and the exact values that are audited improves the transparency of the business processes and gives the company the clear view needed for optimal operation.

Functions & Features of it.NIP control

it.NIP control is a solution that offers the functionality of checking NIP (tax verification) numbers. The entire scope of external entites’ data control features which the solution enable is offered.

The only limitation of the scope of the product's operation is checking NIP numbers for countries outside the European Union. The tool performs appropriate control activities only for enterprises that come either from Poland or European Union Member States. NIP numbers of companies operating outside this group are not supported by the solution.

it.NIP control is offered in a package of files as an archive file (ZIP).


Archive file content:

  • Transports
  • Java programs/libraries
  • Installation instructions for the system administrator
  • Technical documentation of the solution
  • Instructions for users of the solution


  • The tool is available on the SAP ERP system (SAP ECC 6.0 EHP version 0-8) and SAP S/4HANA
  • The solution assumes that the data needed to conduct NIP control is available in the SAP system and includes work only within the system
  • The it.NIP control product requires configured SOAMANAGER to operate on the SAP system. The permanent Internet access is needed within the system and connections for relevant WebServices must be unblocked
  • On SAP platforms, on which the solution will be used, current valid CA certificates for respective websites must be installed
  • The connection to site via the API is also required
  • Minimum versions of the SAP_BASIS component for the SAP system:



- SAP_BASIS 740 SAPKB74018

- SAP_BASIS 731 SAPKB73121

- SAP_BASIS 730 SAPKB73018

- SAP_BASIS 702 SAPKB70220

  • It is required to prepare directories on the SAP server for storing the files from the Ministry of Finance.  Additionally, a program for unpacking files in the 7zip format for the SAP server operating system must be installed
  • The solution requires a maintenance contract covering technical support and product updates

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