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Full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, easy to handle and flexible for users – learn about it.jpk for SAP ERP and S/4HANA

Standard Audit File-Tax is mandatory duty in Poland since 1 July 2016. It contains information on purchases and sales on the basis of VAT records. Since 1 January 2018, all enterprises that are active VAT payers have been legally obliged to report such data on a monthly basis by electronic means. itelligence offers comprehensive support in the analysis of legal and formal requirements followed by implementation and verification of the applicable reporting structures. In October 2020, an amendment became effective on reporting Standard Audit File-Tax with respect to VAT-7M and VAT-7K returns.

Your Benefits

Prepare for the JPK Creation

Adaptation of the SAP system to the generation tax and accounting data in the form of JPK (Standard Audit File-Tax)

Fully Developed in the SAP System

You are provided with a control panel for the preparation, review of data and generation of XML files. Only rudimental knowledge of SAP is required

Up-to-date with latest requirements

The solution is updated with the current JPK_VAT7 structure (JPK_VDEK) which facilitates compliance with duties to the treasury

Your Benefits

Personalization and Individual Configuraton

Flexibility to adapt reporting individually to all types of sectors or businesses. Additional functionalities cover a broader scope of operations with data or more accurate control over the provided information. Users can personalise the tool to suit their individual needs. The tool is easy to configure and set up - all in compliance with the user’s requirements.

Many Possibilities

The functionalities of the tool provide for ongoing analysis and a clear review of the reported data. As a result, work is more accurate and less errors are generated that may be detected in reviews and checked at various stages of JPK generation. The reporting possibility by foreign entities rules out the need to apply external solutions or the need to carry out non-standard operations by foreign entities to report JPK.

Simple Implementation and Usage

The overall implementation time of the solution in its basis form is 3 to 5 MD. As a result, long-term problems in daily work are avoided. Implementation is short and thus it begins to function in the organisation in a short time taking over JPK reporting functions. The related interface is easy to handle and requires only rudimental knowledge of SAP. Users can be trained in a short and fast way so that they can comprehensively and effectively report JPK files for the organisation.

Functions and Features of it.jpk

  • The it.jpk solution supports the following structures:
         - Books of account JPK_KR
         - Bank account statement JPK_WB
         - Warehouse – JPK_MAG
         - VAT records of purchases and sales JPK_VAT
         - VAT invoices JPK_FA
  • Extraction and presentation mechanism of data from SAP Program to generate XML files
  • Configuration and support to end users
    End user documentation relating to it.jpk
  • Optional extras
         - Backup of JPK Configuration
         - JPK historical data
         - Editing JPK Data
         - Import of JPK Data

In case of any specific needs reported by customers, it is possible to apply additional solutions/services to provide for such individual requirements - subject to individual consultation.  


  • The tool is available to SAP ERP and S/4HANA. The solution provides that the data required to generate JPK is available in SAP and covers works solely in the SAP ERP system.
  • The it.jpk solution is provided in transport in the technical standard of NTT DATA Business Solutions (coding, object name schemes, packets, transactions) to be implemented in SAP.
  • Customers shall be required to designate a team supporting implementation and testing the solution (delays attributable to the Customer may result in failure to complete the operation when planned).

    The solution requires a maintenance contract covering technical support and product upgrades.

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