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RPA Proof of Concept Package

Identify and Fulfill the RPA Potential in Your Business Processes

The RPA Proof of Concept Package is the ideal solution for companies who wants to get started with RPA. The outcome of the project is an actual automation of a manual task and NTT DATA Business Solutions supports the customer throughout the entire process. This includes everything from identifying the best task for automation to developing and deploying the robot.

The project can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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Your Benefits

From Planning to Results in Only Five Weeks

Over the course of five weeks, we will collaborate on a RPA project through five phases (described in detail below). An initial planning meeting is followed by a couple of hands-on workshops and a few status meetings, and the project is finalized with a presentation of the outcomes. If desired, the PoC project can be followed by an additional workshop where we based on the evaluation of the project and the outcome of the automated process identify a catalog of potential processes for automation in the future.


  • Plan and Scope
    The project starts with an one-hour workshop, during which NTT DATA Business Solutions and the customer go through possible processes suitable for automation. The goal is to choose one of the identified processes for the project and to create a project plan.
  • Design Process
    The goal for the design process is to create a precise description of the chosen process. NTT DATA Business Solutions will facilitate 1-2 workshops together with the customer to create an “As-is” and a “To-be” description of the process. We will also review the chosen process to decide whether the process need any optimization to make it more suitable for RPA. 
  • Develop Robot
    The purpose of this phase is to develop the actual robot according to the identified “To-be” description. The customer can choose to participate partly, as “side-by-side”-development (to get insight in how the robot is created), or to let NTT DATA Business Solutions fully do the development.  
  • Test and Evaluate
    In this phase of the project we test the automated process by using the test cases developed in the design phase. The nature of RPA development merges the development and the test phase, since part testing with many data will stabilize and strengthen the robot. The testing will also show any unexpected challenges that needs attention. If desired, this phase will also consist of training of one or more employees with the purpose of maintaining the code and securing stable day-to-day running of the robot. (This can also be delivered as an extra service.)  
  • Deliver Results
    In the final phase, the robot will - given approved test results – be handed to the customer and set up for running. This phase includes a one-hour meeting consisting of an evaluation of the project and the benefits achieved by the robot so far. At the end, we hand over all material and documentation to the customer. Future maintenance and commission of the robot depends on the agreement between NTT DATA Business Solutions and the customer.  

Products & Services

The RPA Proof of Concept Package consists of several workshops. The workshops can be held at either one of our office locations, at your company location, or via online meeting solutions.

The price of this package may vary and NTT DATA Business Solutions asks the customer to contact us via the form below for a specific price.

UiPath licenses are required for the robot to perform the automated task in a productive environment. NTT DATA Business Solutions assists the customer in choosing and acquiring the correct licenses.

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