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it.distributor channel collaboration

Track Sales and Inventory of Distributors

Manufacturer have multiple distributors across various regions who facilitate the sales and services to end customers. Using this application, the distributor can raise Purchase order for goods to manufacturer, receive goods, make sales to end customers and track inventory. The manufacturer ERP system is integrated with the portal to guarantee seamless integration between Distributor Purchase order and ERP sales order and delivery. Manufacturers KPI’s include distributor  inventory, receivables and B2C sales across all the regions.

Your Benefits

Simple and Cost Effective

Lean solution with Multi-Tenant options

Intuitive Dashboards

Track key Sales & Inventory KPIs via dashboards

Role-based Transactions

Distributor applications personas and Manufacturer personas by roles

Your Benefits

Meet Demand and Supply Challenges

Manages overstock situation to avoid cost overrun and understock situation to avoid loss of sales. Effective demand planning will help guide the inventory planners to improve the accuracy of revenue forecasts and align with inventory levels with highs and low in customer demand also improve the channel profitability. Inventory forecasting and demand planning will play important role for Dealers/Distributors also predicts the demand and sales pattern for various products to ensure stock is maintained at optimized level without incurring inventory costs also on the other side not running out of stock in situations.

Improved Collaboration between Manufacturer, Distributor & End Customer

Real time KPI’s help improve collaboration between distributor and end customer. The Manufacturer can view detailed sales & inventory report of distributors in real time and also can have KPI’s like slow moving, non-Moving goods, ABC analysis and other distributor reports. The collaboration also can address regional issues of distributors and focus on region wise demand and supply. Manufacturer and distributor together can review and forecast inventory and replenishment can happen automatically. The distributor collaboration with end customer can be monitored including customer behaviour, pattern and competition towards in the market.

Functions & Features of it.distributor channel collaboration

The it.distributor channel collaboration has two personas:

Distributor Personas

  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt & Return
  • Sales to End Customer
  • Customer Creation
  • Inventory Report by SKU
  • Inventory Analytics


  • Integration with SAP Sales order
  • Integration with SAP Delivery
  • Inventory report by SKU
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Secondary Sales


  • Mendix Platform Licence
  • Mendix Cloud Licence
  • Any ERP /cloud system integration
  • Indirect access for SAP transactions

The solution requires a software maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates.

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