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it.chatbot suite

Strengthen Customer Interactions and Facilitate User Engagement by Natural Language Processing

it.chatbot suite platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that enables the opportunity of ‘gain and retain’ in various ERP solutions by focusing on improving the overall customer experience. According to research customers will manage 85% of their relationships with the enterprise without interacting with actual business transactions or applications. Now-a-days, businesses adapt a human-like conversational interface to deliver benefits like 24/7 customer care, personalization, faster resolution, and instant response to their customers. Chatbots will help consumers find solutions irrespective of device, time, and location. It can easily be integrated with various SAP offerings like S4HANA, C4C, Hybris, Ariba, SAP Cloud Portal solution.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Real Time Response

Business users can interact through chatbot and get real time response to their issues

Be Available 24x7

Bot is always active and it does not sleep

Delight Customers

Delight your customers using highly interactive question templates, gifs and speaking their native language

Your Benefits

24×7 Support

Most customers expect businesses to be available 24 X 7. While having a customer service team around-the-clock is a tedious and expensive option, with chatbots we can eliminate this cost and still ensure that our customers’ queries or actions are catered immediately by chatbots – irrespective of timings. Offering 24-hour support is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction. Chatbots are available 24 X 7 in a variety of languages and can handle the increasing number actions or queries that comes with mass adoption.

Reduced Costs

Having chatbots do most (or probably all) of your customer service activities can help you save a substantial amount of money on your customer service team. Efficient customer assistance by chatbots requires less human support, allowing you to drive your focus on more critical aspects of our chatbot suite site such as page layout or checkout. You can reduce human error and enable efficient customer service with minimal resource costs.

Monitoring Consumer Data

SAP Conversational AI chatbots and machine learning have made acquiring business intelligence easier. Having a chatbot on your website allows you to gather data about customers. You can analyse this data and gain valuable insights. You can tell their preferences and what they don’t like. This can help you innovate new products and improve service delivery based on their demands.

Work Automation

Chatbots automate repetitive tasks to ensure they are done faster and more accurately. A good example is a slack bot, which can be incorporated in sites to report bugs. Slack bots notify you in time to correct bugs. The slack bots can also answer questions about your business processes. This would reduce the repetitive tasks of the employees, help them to focus on challenging tasks that make them more productive.

Functions & Feautres of it.chatbot suite

  • Intelligent Ticketing solution
    Embedded as a part of ticketing tool to create, change, search, update tickets related to customer issues
    Addresses L0-L1 Q&A which the customers encounter while doing SAP transaction
  • Hybris
    Customer can interact through this portal for quick resolution of issues related to transactions
  • Ariba
    Chat function provides better collaboration with Vendor during the course of interactions
  • Customer Portal
    Chat function provides better collaboration with customers during the course of interactions
  • C4C
    Chatbot function provides the sales representative to review leads online and provide quick turnaround time to customer
  • Bot Conversational Design
    Out-of-box NLP features like our chatbot intents, decision tree and sub-intents aid in responding to nested queries across different domains
  • Flexible Deployment
    Addresses data and privacy concerns by supporting on-premise, cloud or hybrid-based deployment
  • API Integration
    Seamlessly integrate with third party applications via SAP Conversational Design time and runtime APIs authenticated via O-Auth 2.0
  • Training Analysis Framework
    Based on statistical models, a pre-developed feature in CAI platform that makes training of the bot easy for better precision and accuracy
  • Bot Training
    Ability to analyse text inputs in any language with our world-class natural language processing (NLP) technology
  • Bot Building
    Build customized conversational flows and routines through our powerful bot builder
  • Bot Connector
    Connect Chatbots to any SAP solution, external communication channel, or back-end system
  • Bot Analytics
    Analyse customers and employees communication with your Chatbot to improve the user’s experience based on usage and training data.


  • Business users can interact through chatbot and get real time response for their issues/queries
  • Automated Support for most frequent issues faced by business users in the areas of order to cash, procure to pay, record to report, forecast to stock and many more process cycles
  • Ability to create, track and update the incidents through the chatbot
  • Chatbot helps users to have quick access to the training content through conversations


  • Personal Computing, IOS & Android Mobile Application, Skype/Teams Integration, WhatsApp Integration
  • Integration with SAP S4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, C4C, Hybris, Ariba, Customer Portal, Solomon
  • Integration with any fiori application which allows users to get help related to issues encountered

The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk Support and product updates.

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