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Manage the Performance of Your Channel Partners

Original Equipment Manufacturers have multiple Channel Partners across various regions who facilitate the sales and services to end customers. Using this application, the OEMs and channel partners can collaborate and manage the performance of channel partners on secondary sales and after sales services.

Your Benefits

Simple and Cost Effective

Lean solution with Multi-Tenant options

Intuitive Dashboards

Track Channel Partner Profitability of Sales, Aftersales services and Service orders

Role-based Transactions

Application Administrator Role(s), OEM Role(s), Channel Partner Role(s)

Your Benefits

Manage Product Profitabilty

OEMs can collaborate better with Channel Partners by monitoring of real time KPIs and (a) Position right products in apt markets (b) Monitoring the product profitability (c) Optimise the marketing spend vs sale volumes across different regions / markets (d) Respond with right marketing strategy to improve market share (e) OEMs and Channel Partners can make correct products / product mix in the appropriate profitable market / customer segments and OEMs can ultimately improve their market share (f) Optimal Investments in profitability solution, with cloud options.

Manage After Sales Service Performance

Monitoring of real time KPI’s helps to improve collaboration between channel partner and end customer and improve market share for OEMs. Therefore, they need to analyse the revenue and performance of the spare parts and service revenue and work with channel partners collaboratively to make more on profitability analysis platform for the original equipment manufacturers to work with their channel partners for end customer sales. After-sales services have become increasingly important as a source of differentiation and market share for the manufacturers, resellers and strategic drivers for retention of customers, thus getting a competitive edge in addition to customer loyalty.

Integration with Manufacturer System

Seamless integration with portal and ERP will help manufacturer to create demand through sales orders.

Functions & Features of partner performance management

The it.cps (Channel Partner performance management solution) has two personas: 

Channel Partner Personas

  • Profit and Loss User Interface
  • Landing Page
  • Balance Sheet User Interface
  • Trial balance upload
  • Overhead cost allocation User Interface
  • Service Order User Interface
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Landing Page
  • Display view of Profit and Loss UI, Balance Sheet UI, Overhead cost allocation UI, Service Order UI
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Mendix Cloud Licence
  • Any ERP /cloud system integration

The solution requires a software maintenance contract, which includes Help Desk support and product updates.

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