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Optimized Shipping Processes with CEP Integration in SAP

it.x-press is a solution for CEP integration in SAP. CEP service providers and forwarding agents are electronically integrated in SAP ERP, S/4HANA and SAP EWM to enable automated shipment processing. With the integration of more than 120 service providers, some of the advantages for your business processes are registration of shipments with shipping service providers directly from the SAP system, the comparison of freight rates and services, as well as monitoring parcels once they have left the warehouse.

Your Benefits

Optimized Shipping Processes

Connect the entire shipping process with SAP

Monitor CEP Service Providers

Keep track of all CEP service providers in SAP

Increased Competitiveness

More flexibility and less effort for your logistics

Your Benefits

Integrate and Track Transport Service Providers into SAP ERP or SAP EWM

it.x-press allows you to simply integrate all ongoing business processes into your existing SAP system. This eliminates the requirement for service provider-specific or in-house software. You can manage numerous shipping tasks from a single, centralized system. Not only does this give you more time to focus on your core business, it frees up resources and subsequently reduces operating costs.

Accelerate and Monitor Your Shipping Processes

By establishing a direct connection to your CEP service providers and forwarding companies, you ensure your ability to track and monitor the handling process from start to finish. Benefit from features such as customizable shipping options for each service provider, label printing, printing of manifest lists, data conversion, transmission, and shipment tracking. All of this enables you to know the status of any order, so that nothing gets lost.

Make Cost Control for Logistics More Accurate

Manage and control costs more effectively with it.x-press. The solution includes a user-friendly freight costs interface that provides a clear overview of your transport service providers. In this way, you can perform direct freight expense calculations for all of your providers. Additionally, the agile and intuitive design supports efficient managing of all shipping invoices.

Functions and Features of it.x-press

  • Integration of all CEP service providers in your SAP ERP / EWM system
  • Handling of shipment process through extraction of relevant data from your ERP system and automated sending to CEP providers
  • Reporting Tools with various evaluation options for a transparent shipping process
  • Options to individualize mailings to customers linked with the supplier tracking portal
  • Individual set of rules for accurate determination logic of your CEP providers
  • Smart data processing, cancellation notifications, print control and tracking of all shipping processes
  • Monitoring and control of your transport service providers in your SAP environment
  • Improved cost control based on intuitive freight calculation
  • Open architecture that allows for development and extensions
  • Investment protection by adapting to new SAP releases
  • Standard SAP ERP usage for configuration and tracking
  • Extensive shipment tracking at the unit level inside your SAP System
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements through integrated tracking and shipping notifications


Additionally, it.x-press’ modular extension structure allows you to enhance and optimize complex logistics and export processes according to your requirements:

  • ERP Packing Station Application [it.x-packIT ERP / EWM]
  • Freight-Cost Module [it.x-freight charge]
  • Sanctioned Party List Screening [it.x-checkIT]
  • Scale Adapter [it.x-scale]
  • Invoice Interface [it.x-freight invoice]

Overview of it.x-press’ Modular Extension Structure to Fit Your Specific Shipping Requirements

Optimized SAP transport management and automated shipment processing with CEP integration in SAP


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services & change notifications, help desk support and product updates.

Due to the modular design of the solution, it.x-press can be used according to your individual requirements and processes. Your individual consulting efforts and licenses will be determined in a 1- to 2-day workshop where your exact requirements and processes are analyzed.

Technical Requirements

  • Release SAP ERP 600 > EHP 0 or
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1605 - 1809
  • For EWM integration: Standalone EWM v9.5 or Embedded EWM SAP S/4 EM 1709 - 1809

Hardware Requirements

  • ZPL II Printer (200/300dpi)
  • 4x6 Inch Label Paper

Integration Options

  • it.x-Connect Module (Part of it.x-press) or
  • SAP PI > 7.10 SP 5 - SAP PO 7.5
  • SAP Business Technology Platform integration on request

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