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NAV Online Invoice Data Provision

From 1 July 2020, data must be provided regardless of the value of value added tax. The law serves to whiten the economy by controlling and detecting fraud - while reducing and simplifying the tax administration burden on the taxpayer. Large amounts of mandatory data can be handled quickly and efficiently. Digital, SAP-based technology here directly supports collaboration between authorities and companies to the benefit of both parties

Your Benefits


Real time data transfer


Effective cooperation with the authority through legal compliance and transparency


Automated processes

Your Benefits

Overview of Required Business Processes

In order to fulfill the data provision obligation, it is necessary to establish an integration between the corporate governance system and the NAV Online Account Data Service system. The NTT DATA Business Solutions solution examines the system environment of the company and NAV and prepares it for the task.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

The solution ensures the legal compliance of the companies by guaranteeing the conditions contained therein. As a result, data is always delivered on time, accurately, quickly and with less administration

Reliable Data Collection and Communication

Built into the billing processes, I take care of collecting the data needed to provide data. Based on these, the generation of XML files with the structure expected by NAV and their transmission to the it.NavBox communication component.

Functions & Features of it.NavBox

  • On-premise
  • NonSAP solution, Windows /C# or Linux/Java environment, with webservice-based SAP integration
  • The basis of the it.NavBox hybrid solution is the AIF (Application Integration Framewrok) where the SAP licence are depending on the volumen of the invoices
  • The it.NavBox full solution offers a licencing, independent of the number of incoices



  • 4 core processor 
  • 8 GB RAM database without engine
  • 12 GB RAM database with engine and database
  • 10 GB HDD database without engine
  • 100 GB HDD database with engine and database
  • Min. 1 Gb LAN internet access with open 443 port



  • Windows 2012 Server or higher IIS  (Internet Information Service)
  • MS SQL Server 2014 Express Edition or MS SQL Server 2012 or higher or
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Oracle 12i or other Linux supported SQL server


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