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Planning, Managing and Confirmation of Shipments and Transports in Complex Processes

Due to the complexity of processes, customers claiming faster services of higher quality pose an enormous challenge to companies in these sectors. The objective is to implement an effective management of freight-forwarding processes, reduce costs and lead time, optimize process steps and tackle problems deriving from resource scarcity. As an eco-conscious practice, companies are also expected to meet the requirement of a significant cut in paper consumption. All these factors require a radical shift of business processes to pervasive digitalization.

Adapting to this market demand with a flexible approach, NTT DATA Business Solutions Hungary has developed a solution to the comprehensive management of transport processes.

Your Benefits


App for Android platform

Optimised Duration Times

Real time tracking

Cost Reduction

Time-line Planning, status-tracking

Your Benefits


On smart devices, you can track shipment status and scheduled lead times in real time, anytime - optimizing costs. And paperless processes make operations environmentally conscious.


Continuous, accurate communication and shipment coordination, electronic documents and protocols - to ensure the fastest response to changes.


Precise logout and logon, time gate status tracking, bookings and alerts - integrated with SAP ERP.


  • Planning and approving dedicated transports in complex processes
  • Tracking real-time shipment status and routes in map
  • Managing messages between driver and center
  • Alarm system (e.g. robbery, on-road obstacles, technical failures, etc.)
  • E-signature option for supplier
  • Digitalizing delivery notes as an eco-friendly solution
  • Managing the handover documents of vehicles
  • Supporting IoT devices with BLE communication solution, processing the data of the CAN-Bus system of the vehicle and linking data to transport related tasks
  • Planning and tracking with timeline solution
  • Dispatcher system with no platform restriction
  • Time slot booking for the precise check-in and check-out of trucks
  • Tracking time slot status with the option of SAP ERP integration


  • Platform: Android (5.0 and later)
  • System version:
  • Deployment: Cloud or On-premise

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