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it.document AI

Automated VAT/Tax and Account Assignment for Your Invoicing Process

Account and VAT/Tax assignment for invoices can be automated, making this kind of repetitive work a thing of the past. it.document AI learns from all previous tasks and from all invoices that have been approved and coded throughout the years, so that you will spend less time and money on manual account assignment.

it.document AI is part of our it.document handling suite, which simplifies every step of your document handling process.

Your Benefits

AI-Based Process Automation

for increased accuracy and efficiency

Self-Learning Algorithm

utilizes data to maximize model precision

Rapid Implementation

of a standard artificial intelligence application

Your Benefits

No More Manual Account VAT/Tax Assignment and Cost Center Allocation

it.document AI easily connects to your ERP system and enriches incoming invoices with predicted attributes. By leveraging some of the latest advancements in AI, you can automate assignment and eliminate time-consuming manual work and tedious maintenance of coding rules.

Automated System Learning with Artificial Intelligence

When using a combination of data sources, the it.document AI builds a generic self-learning algorithm that can leverage and utilize input across channels. The algorithm will perform the best possible enrichment and allocation of your incoming documents.

Achieve Maximum Model Precision and Reach

The solution considers all available information on the document, including unstructured text, image recognition of logos, etc. Semi-supervised learning algorithms ensure that both structured and unstructured data is utilized to maximize model precision and reach. This method drastically increases accuracy and efficiency when enriching and allocating incoming documents.

Functions and Features of it.document AI

  • Pay-per-document assignment (consumption/success based) - Only pay per successful prediction!
  • Standardized and automated processes of VAT/TAX and account assignment
  • Utilization of historical input combined with related ERP postings
  • Lower adminisırative costs and reduced repetitive work
  • VAT/Tax code determination
  • Out-of-the-box solution for instant use
  • Expandable with it.capture and it.approval

Account Assignment with Learning Algorithms

it.document AI is an account assignment solution for TAX assignment and VAT assignment


Software Requirements

  • Available for Cloud or On Premise
  • Can be used for any ERP platform
  • Pre-built application & interfaces for SAP S/4HANA and ECC

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