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Make the Most of Your HR Processes by Improving SAP HR Data Quality guardian maps and combines all relevant data elements to assure quality and validate master data across decentralized systems – from payroll to telephone systems. By doing so, the solution improves SAP HR data quality and creates a solid foundation for a broad range of HR activities. guardian ensures that alışmaster data is verified and supports GDPR-compliant HR policies. Data can be integrated from a variety of sources, ranging from Microsoft Excel to Oracle Database.

Your Benefits

HR Data Transparency

Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize HR master data

Full Compliance

Keep personal data always updated

Process Automation

Foundation of well-functioning, automated HR processes

Your Benefits

Improved Data Analysis and Accurate Reporting

Lack of structure and HR data maintenance is a well-known challenge for HR operations. When HR data is inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, it can have a direct effect on organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The guardian solution makes it easy to secure and safeguard HR data quality, making it easier to analyze data and raising trust in data from reports.

A Solid Knowledge Foundation for HR Activities guardian maps and combines all relevant data elements and metadata to assure quality and validate master data across national and decentralized systems – from payroll systems to telephone systems. This way, guardian improves data quality and creates a solid knowledge foundation for HR activities in a broad sense. The solution ensures that master data is verified and that HR policies are always respected and GDPR compliant.

Visualize Data Quality guardian allows managers to monitor data quality as it develops and visualize the data with a historic perspective. In addition, the solution allows you to export calculation results for visualization through third-party solutions. Not only can you see the specific data points that need attention, you can also feed information to strategic dashboards that monitor data quality over time.

Monitor the Quality of Your HR Master Data guardian helps to automate lengthy quality analysis processes related to your HR master data. By defining individual data quality focus areas with specific data measures and rules, the solution ensures to carry the greatest relevance for your business and strategies. Additionally, the solution allows to define and find the data that needs to be corrected, allowing you to act efficiently and fact-based. Hereby, guardian does not alter or remove data.

Functions and Features of guardian

  • Allows for smart data quality calculation reports
  • Supports the correct set-up of security policies
  • Simplified data extraction program to support chosen visualization of vendors
  • Includes a library of standard data rules to apply
  • Allows for an integration of EU privacy regulations (GDPR)
  • Possible deployment to most existing systems
  • Simplified usage due to user-friendly interface
  • Based on SAP Cloud Platform

Data Needs to Be Fit for Use in Operations, Decision Making and Planning

Improved HR data transparency and HR data maintenance with an SAP HR data quality solution


Software Requirements

  • Web Browser
  • SAP Cloud Platform license: AppServices edition

System Requirements

  • SFTP server

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