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Shipment Date Driven Requirement Planning

Optimize Storage and Delivery Costs through Transportation Date Adjustment in Existing Deliveries

In the case of materials and their components for which approximate delivery periods (delivery weeks or delivery months) must initially be worked with in the context of procurement or production, the solution offers the possibility of adjusting dates of deliveries already created on the basis of transportation dates without changing the procurement objects. The scheduling adjustment of (non-fixed) planned orders and purchase requisitions is carried out by the SAP requirements planning run.

Your Benefits

Cost Savings

Avoid downtimes in shipping

Accurate Scheduling

Precise control of tour dates

Hand in Hand

Tour dates and requirements planning

Your Benefits

Exact Transport Dates to the Last Production Stage or Provision

The solution offers the possibility to adjust dates in existing deliveries based on transport dates. This makes it possible to parallelize part of the production and procurement of items and their components with transportation planning in order to avoid idle times in shipping. In addition, upcoming deliveries are determined for transportation planning. Also, the sequence of deliveries can be determined and status and deadlines managed. With the help of the integrated requirements planning, changes of tour dates are taken into account.

Functions & Features of Shipment Data Driven Requirement Planning

  • Determination of pending existing shipments
  • Rescheduling of shipments by adjusting the date fields in the shipment and delivery document
  • Transparency through detailed log of processed shipments and deliveries as well as the affected sales order items  


The scope of delivery includes:

  • Provision of the software license
  • Provision of relevant transport requests
  • Installation guide with description of the technical requirements as well as the necessary import steps
  • Customizing documentation with description of the necessary and optional settings for the solution
  • User documentation with description of how the solution works

Available languages:

  • Solution (user interface, online help and messages): English, German
  • Documentation: German


SAP Release

  • SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 and 1605 or
  • SAP S/4HANA 1511 – 2020 (on-premise edition)

Special Software Component

  • SAP_FIN 7.20 – 7.30 or
  • S4CORE 1.00 – 1.05
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS 7.50 – 7.5F

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