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SAP Cloud Infrastructure Advisory

Specify your SAP operations platform strategy on Public Cloud

Identification of the benefits of Public Cloud and finding the right setup is still difficult to achieve. In selected workshops, we will provide insight on the basics and advantages of the Public Cloud with special consideration of SAP guidelines and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the comparison of Hyperscalers like AWS and MS Azure and transition options to the cloud. The workshops provide all information required to be optimally prepared for specification of your own IT strategy for SAP and other IT services.



Differentiation of cloud models and Hyperscaler capabilities


All details about SAP on Public Cloud


Addresses your individual information demand for your technical Cloud IT strategy


Understand Chances and Challenges

Public Cloud Hyperscalers provide an unbeatable collection of IT technology services for your SAP and other IT infrastructure platforms, which can be a disruptive change for your IT technology strategy. We help you to understand the chances and challenges that arise with the move to such a platform.

Determine Your Cloud Model of Choice

We help you to select the best cloud operation model for your enterprise while considering your objectives and dependencies of your IT environment. We assess public, private and hybrid cloud and match your IT platform requirements with the potential of the cloud vendors.

Define Your Optimal SAP Platform Design

Public Clouds require some adjustments in your SAP landscape design in order to optimally adapt Public Cloud capabilities and benefits. Examine these adjustments and create the basis for a cost estimation and lay the foundation for your SAP landscape on Public Cloud.


Select from a series of workshops that best fits to your current stage of strategic decision making.

The workshops are designed to address your need for information and decision in accordance with your current state of your cloud journey. They can be conducted independently or sequentially, depending on your demand.

If you are looking for a different range of topics for your individual workshop, we will be delighted to discuss that with you.

SAP on Public Cloud Advice

  • An introduction into the world of Public Cloud and Hyperscalers and the special considerations of running SAP platforms in such environments.

SAP Cloud Strategy Assessment

  • An Evaluation of the individual IT situation of a company, assessment of multiple cloud strategy options and definition of a target strategy for the operation of your SAP landscape.

Architecture & Operations for SAP on Cloud

  • An analysis of the customer IT landscape and operation requirements and development of a design and recommendation for a target infrastructure and platform setup

Transition Roadmap to Public Cloud

  • Presentation of options for a technical SAP system transition to Public Cloud, decision for a transition approach and definition a high-level transition roadmap.

Public Cloud Platform Optimization for SAP

  • Demonstration of optimization strategies for SAP landscapes at Public Cloud in terms of resources and costs and identification of cost potentials for the customer landscape.


Detailed Scope of the Individual Workshops:


SAP on Public Cloud Advice

  • Hyperscaler features and options at MS Azure and AWS
  • Cloud strategies of private, hybrid and multi cloud
  • Benefits and challenges of Public Cloud
  • Overview of technical considerations of a specific hyperscaler
  • SAP support prerequisites on Public Cloud
  • SAP workload deployment strategies on specific hyperscaler
  • Availability and resiliency considerations
  • Overview of Security and compliance on Public Cloud
  • Pricing model considerations
  • Potential migration paths to Public Cloud
  • Overview of Public Cloud beyond SAP on hyperscaler


SAP Cloud Strategy Assessment

  • Cloud strategies of private, hybrid and multi cloud
  • Assessment of customer-specific environment, objectives and challenges
  • Match of customer priorities with the strengths and weaknesses of various platform scenarios
  • High-level specification of a Cloud strategy for SAP infrastructure
  • Specific skill requirements and organizational setup
  • Cost analysis and comparison of current and Public Cloud based SAP infrastructure platform (optional)

Workshop Flavors

  • Comparison of Public Cloud vendors considering various aspects
  • Comparison of on-premise, Managed Cloud and Public Cloud
  • Comparison of SAP RISE S/4HANA Cloud Edition and Managed Public Cloud


Architecture & Operations for SAP on Cloud

  • Collection of customer landscape data
  • Analysis of customer IT landscape requirements
  • Illustration of infrastructure features for SAP workloads on hyperscalers
  • Decision on design principles for SAP platform, SLAs and HA/DR coverage
  • Presentation of special operation features and best practices for SAP on Public Cloud
  • Specification of a SAP platform target design and a list of associated core components
  • Cost estimation for your individual target landscape on Public Cloud
  • Identification of gaps and risks associated with the move to Public Cloud


Transition Roadmap to Public Cloud

  • Presentation of methodologies and technologies for technical transition of SAP systems to Public Cloud
  • Explanation of pro’s and con’s with regards to main transition objective and restrictions
  • Consideration of customer landscape, project requirements and limitations
  • Decision for best fitting transition approach for each platform
  • Presentation of a generic project plan
  • Creation of a milestone plan for the technical system transition


Public Cloud Platform Optimization for SAP

  • Presentation of strategies and principles of cost optimization
  • Demonstration of resource and cost monitoring options
  • Evaluation of SAP customer presence on Public Cloud
  • High level analysis of demand and main consumption areas and cost trends
  • Identification and recommendation of specific cost savings potentials for the customer SAP landscape
  • Decision on a best matching optimization strategy, action item list and execution plan


Target audience

  • IT Management
  • Project Managers
  • Solution and Cloud Architects
  • System Administrators


  • Duration: each workshop 0.5 - 2 days
  • Participants: up to 10


  • Virtual meeting with web conference system; workshop will be split into multiple sessions, if required
  • Onsite at customer location

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