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Replacement Time (Purchase)

Determination and Analysis of Replenishment Times Based on Account Orders Placed and Their End Dates

The replenishment times of a material is an essential element of material requirements determination in materials management. Several time spans influence the appropriate order points. With the use of our AddOn, numerous data from the material master record and purchasing documents are prepared and conveniently displayed to the user. Furthermore, the replenishment time determined in the material master can be changed on the basis of the data.

Your Benefits

Analysis and Transparency

Replenishment time from material master and purchasing documents

Optimization in Purchasing and Warehouse

Reduced order quantities and low inventories


Direct change in the master record possible

Your Benefits

Optimise Order Quantities and Stocks Through a Faster Supply Chain

The AddOn offers better monitoring of replenishment times in purchasing. A well-determined replenishment time can be used to keep stock levels low and reduce order quantities. With a calculation from different delivery times of the suppliers, the stock can thus be optimised. It also increases the certainty in planning and adherence to delivery dates. This is supported by the analysis of the shortest, longest and average replenishment times.

Functions & Features of Replacement Time (Purchase)

In order to get a better overview of the replenishment times of a material, a transaction is needed that prepares this data and displays it conveniently to the user. The AddOn selects all purchase order items that have been finally delivered based on the criteria material, plant and posting date of the purchasing documents. This data is processed with the following values in the further course of the programme: 

  • Replenishment lead time according to the entry in the material master record
  • Longest replenishment lead time with item and purchasing document
  • Shortest replenishment lead time with item and purchasing document
  • Average replenishment time (median)
  • Total number of purchase order items (calculation optionally based on company calendar or weekdays)
  • Possibility to select to update the average replenishment time as replenishment time in the material master
  • Possibility to jump to the corresponding purchasing documents with the shortest and longest replenishment lead time


The scope of delivery includes:

  • Provision of software licence
  • Provision of relevant transport requests
  • Installation guide with description of the technical requirements as well as the necessary import steps
  • Customizing documentation with description of the necessary and optional settings for the solution
  • User documentation with a description of how the solution works

Available languages:

  • Solution (interface, online help and messages): English, German
  • Documentation: German


SAP Release:

  • SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 and 1605
  • SAP S/4HANA 1511 - 2020 (on-premise edition)


Special Software Components

  • SAP_FIN: 7.20 - 7.30 or
  • S4CORE: 1.00 - 1.05
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS: 7.50 - 7.5F


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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