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Introductory Workshop Ready2Change in Permanent Beta

Time to explore new direction? The next project is in the starting blocks? Whether topics such as New Work, Digitization, Sustainability, Organizational Development or a new IT system - every change brings new challenges. Permanent Beta describes the permanent change in our working world and thus also the constant changes, the requirements for change processes and change communication as well as expectations of managers and important multipliers.


Design Transformation

actively design your change story & roadmap

Allow perspectives

Learn more about expectations in change

Change Mindset

Get to know change as an opportunity for you


How to properly respond to Permanent Beta

Nowadays, a company must be able to react flexibly to changes. New systems in the company can initiate change processes and topics such as sustainability, new work or sudden events are also major drivers. However, the effectiveness of the right communication in change processes is often underestimated. A lack of or incorrect communication gives employees room for interpretation and this quickly leads to role conflicts, different expectations and great uncertainty.

Allow different perspectives

With this workshop, we would like to show you the influence that different perspectives can have on the change process and cultural change in your company. We would like to work out together with you which possibilities arise from this. These insights can strongly influence and optimize the view of the change communication and story

Prepare for the next change

Every change process is part of a journey that prepares the company for changes and shows the way from the current to the target state. Accordingly, the change story and communication must, on the one hand, cover the current situation and, at the same time, be able to be flexibly adapted to spontaneous changes. Change story and storytelling are very important in order to be able to prepare the employees and thus the company for change.

Description and Details

Be the designer in your change story and set an example for change processes.

This is what awaits you in this introductory workshop:

  • Overview of the phases of change and familiarization with possible courses of action
  • Promotion of communication & feedback culture
  • Insights into how change processes can be designed and lived
  • Active design of roles in change
  • First steps towards your change story
  • Transfer into practice and lessons learned

These are the services included:

  • A preliminary talk including preparation and follow-up as the basis for planning and conducting the workshop
  • 1-day workshop including practical examples and interactive group work with the participants
  • A follow-up appointment over 2 hours with a defined time interval to the workshop

Building Blocks for an Authentic Change Story


We will conduct an individual preliminary talk with you in advance, in which we will jointly determine the basis for planning and conducting the workshop.

Target group for this workshop:

  • Division and team management
  • Project management
  • Head of Department
  • Employees who are confronted with a lot of changes and want to actively help shape the process or are in a decision-making role

If the workshop is held on the client's premises, please provide the following equipment:

  • Internet access (we may share work materials etc.)
  • Beamer with VGA or HDMI connection
  • Flipchart and/or whiteboard

The client ensures the participation of the employees in the workshop. Participation via video conference is possible. In this case, the client provides the appropriate technology.

The maximum number of participants is 10-15 people per workshop.

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