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Order Confirmation Cockpit

Mass Entry of Order Confirmations for Order Items

The Order Confirmation Cockpit AddOn is a flexible maintenance dialog integrated in SAP ERP for the mass entry of order confirmations for order items. It simultaneously checks the validity of the confirmation category for each confirmation control key, checks the delivery date against the past and checks the confirmation quantity against the ordered quantity. The cockpit also allows you to branch to purchasing documents and to the current stock/requirements situation. It is also possible to maintain a price condition using an authorization object.

Your Benefits

Mass Maintenance Order Confirmation

Clearly Arranged Worklist

Authorization-Protected Price Maintenance

Your Benefits

User-Friendly and Flexible to Improve Productivity

The NTT DATA Business Solutions AddOn Order Confirmation-Cockpit enables a user-friendly, mass maintenance of order confirmations for order items. In addition, the solution enables an individual worklist that can be restricted by selection criteria. Thanks to the functionalities, a fast and efficient processing of operative activities for order confirmations in purchasing can take place.

Functions and Features of Order Confirmation Cockpit

  • User-friendly, mass maintenance of order confirmations into order items
  • Delivery date adjustment
  • Control of statistical delivery date
  • Authorization-supported price adjustment
  • Call up a worklist that you can restrict yourself using selection criteria
  • Fast and efficient processing of operative activities to order confirmations in purchasing.
  • Shortcut to the purchasing document
  • Branch to the current stock/requirements situation for the material
  • Use of standard SAP ALV technology
  • Fully integrated with SAP ERP
  • Rewritable info messages by AddOn specific customizing


  • Release SAP ECC 6.00 – 6.18
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 – 1605

The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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