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LPI - Label Printer Interface

Uniform Label Printing From SAP ERP and SAP EWM

Label Printer Interface offers the possibility of carrying out customer-specific labelling quickly, easily and in an audit-proof manner. The interface is a programme that was developed for the SAP logistics modules as a basis for label printing and is integrated into existing print programmes and transactions. Existing label software can still be used. Label layout specifications are printed according to layout files.

Your Benefits

Label Accounting

Logging first print and reprint

Validated and Audit-Proof

Security through user authorisations and protocols


No additional installed SAP languages required

Your Benefits

Material-Specific and Customer-specific Layouts for Labels

The LPI - Label Printer Interface can be used to print labels from the MM, PP, WM and QM modules. It offers simple and safe operation by the specialist department. Label printing takes place in real time, is possible in several languages and the number of labels is controlled in the production parts list. The label layouts are managed centrally; changes to the label layout are made without any programming effort. Adjustments to labels can be made in the existing label solution. A separate layout can be defined for each customer and material.

Functions & Features of LPI - Label Printer Interface

  • Material-specific and customer-specific layouts without SAP Script, Smart or Adobe Forms
  • Multilingualism without additional installed SAP languages
  • Terminal-based printer determination in the network
  • Logging of first and subsequent printings for label balancing
  • Interface to all existing print servers as file-based
  • Central administration of label layouts
  • Remote Function Call (RFC) capable SAP modules for label printing from SAP EWM or NON SAP systems
  • Printout in milliseconds, real time (hardware and network dependent)
  • Label validation, only validated labels can be printed (customising)
  • Number of labels to be printed is automatically controlled via production parts list
  • Integration into the Weighing & Dispensing Solution (WDS)


The scope of delivery includes:

  • Provision of software licence
  • Provision of relevant transport requests
  • Installation guide with description of the technical requirements as well as the necessary import steps
  • Customizing documentation with description of the necessary and optional settings for the solution
  • User documentation with a description of how the solution works

Available languages:

  • Solution (interface, online help and messages): English, German
  • Documentations: German


SAP Release:

  • SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 and 1605 or
  • SAP S/4HANA 1511 to 1909 (on-premise edition)

Special Software Components:

  • SAP_FIN 7.20 – 7.30 or
  • S4CORE 1.00 – 1.04
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS 7.50 – 7.54

The solution requires a software maintenance agreement that includes info services and change notifications, help desk support and product updates.

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