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LkSG Introductory Workshop

Introduction to Due Diligence along Global Supply Chains

With the introduction of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz - LkSG), the legislator is taking German companies to task and imposing clear requirements for the fulfillment of corporate due diligence obligations. Hereby, the aim is to ensure the protection of human rights and fair working conditions for all actors involved in any company's supply chain - from raw material extraction and processing to the finished goods. Our workshop will prepare you to meet the LkSG due diligence requirements. In addition, possible solution scenarios will be presented with the aim of developing an individual solution approach for your company.



Individual plan for your company

Decision-making Framework

Discussion of dimensions for implementation


Effective implementation of statutory requirements


Introduction of the LkSG and Discussion of the Legal Basis

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act LkSG is the legal basis that, as of the beginning of 2023, obliges German companies to consider human rights and environmental due diligence obligations along their entire value chain. The workshop provides the necessary knowledge to master the effects of the LkSG in practice with legal certainty and to ensure implementation of the requirements in a targeted and efficient manner.

Discussion of the Core Elements of a Possible Solution Strategy

Across Europe, the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act represents the strongest law in the fight for human rights and against exploitation, increasing the expectations placed on companies in terms of social due diligence. To ensure compliance with all legal obligations, we prepare clients for implementation by presenting and discussing core elements of potential solution scenarios.

Development of an invididual solution approach for the effective implementation of all legal requirements

In the course of the workshop, an approach will be jointly developed with the help of which companies can meet the requirements of the LkSG on the technical and software side. In addition, possible implementation scenarios will be outlined, which can serve as a basis for further planning of the organizational and technical implementation.


Exemplary agenda for the workshop schedule. The exact workshop schedule will be created according to your task in the run-up to the workshop:

  • Presentation of the motives and background of the introduction of the LkSG
  • Discussion of relevant terminology, characteristics and implications
  • Stake out of the legal framework
  • Areas of application and scope of the law
  • Implementation obligations for companies
  • Feedback and reporting
  • Core elements of a solution strategy for meeting the LkSG requirements
  • Possible implementation scenarios based on a decision framework and parameters
  • Interfaces and subsystems
  • Preparation and system configuration
  • Development of a customized solution approach for your company


The LkSG is the legal basis which, from 2023, will oblige German companies to take account of human rights and environmental due diligence obligations along their entire value chain.Through tightly interwoven supply chains that are difficult to understand, companies acquire - knowingly and/or unknowingly - raw materials, parts or products, some of which are produced under conditions worthy of ostracism. Compliance with the law is the responsibility of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and can be punished with exclusion from award procedures and even high seven-figure fines. This is where the LkSG comes into play.

1. Develop a strategy - set the direction
2. Analyze risks - set priorities
3. Take action - take responsibility
4. Report and measure - seek dialogue
5. Manage complaints - improve processes

The Supply Chain Compliance Act results in fundamentally new compliance requirements for directly and indirectly affected companies. This affects the internal organization of the company, the relationship with suppliers and, in corporate groups, also the relationship between the various companies. In this webinar, the speakers will give an overview of the main contents of the law and share empirical values from their consulting practice in connection with the implementation of the new legal requirements.

The event is aimed at in-house counsel, compliance officers, heads and employees of compliance and legal departments, as well as specialists and managers working in the field of compliance.


Availability of the following groups of people from the departments concerned

  • Selected department manager
  • Data protection officer and/or human rights officer
  • Compliance and/or legal department manager
  • IT manager

If the workshop is held on the client's premises, please provide the following equipment:

  • Internet access (Situationally, we might access our demo systems to show functions by way of example)
  • If necessary, access to the customer's internal SAP systems
  • Projector with VGA or HDMI connection
  • Flipchart and / or whiteboard

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