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it.XIA service & it.XIA maintenance

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Service and Maintenance Processes

Non-digitized processes, long travel times and isolated solutions make work inefficient. Obtaining information in service and maintenance processing is often very time-consuming for employees and ties up resources unnecessarily. With it.XIA service & it.XIA maintenance, all relevant data is transferred from the SAP backend to an end device and can be processed there: Mobile, offline, with many smart features and highly integrated via Microsoft 365 into the SAP background.

Your Benefits

Multi Device Platform

An App for iOS, Android and Windows

Offline Capability

Offline access to all relevant data

Modern Workplace

Mobile, collaborative and efficient work

Your Benefits

Customized Solution with Short Implementation Time

Both it.XIA service and it.XIA maintenance are adapted to the customer’s individual requirements as part of an implementation project. In this way, the technican receives exactly the information that is needed on site. With the it.XIA App and the it.XIA SDK, new micro apps can be created or adapted quickly and easily.

Improve Data Quality and Reducing Manual Effort

If desired, the feedback recorded on site with the it.XIA App is posted directly in the SAP system using the it.XIA SAP Adapter via single sign-on. Subsequent transfer of data from a work report to SAP is no longer necessary, which significantly reduces the manual workload and increases data quality. The storage of damage images in the SAP system is also automated.

Benefits of the Technical Functions of a Mobile Device

Optimize your service and maintenance processes by integrating the functions of a mobile device. In addition to damage documentation, e.g. via the camera function, barcode-, OCR- and QR-code-scanning are also possible in the it.XIA App. Likewise, additional PDF files can be attached per order or CSV files for individual selection lists.

Benefit not Only from SAP but Also from Microsoft Added Value

Improve your processes with it.XIA Cloud by integrating your MS 365 ecosystem: For example, with an incoming order, automatically notify the responsible agents via MS Teams with a link to the SAP order. Or automatically generate order documents that are stored in MS SharePoint. The possibilities are enormous and improve processes in all directions, both for users and in terms of efficiency.

Functions and Features of it.XIA service & maintenance

  • Cross-platform: simple and user-friendly interface for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Individual worklist for optimal control or initial job creation on site
  • Customized design of the necessary input fields for service or maintenance orders
  • Enter orders anywhere with offline support, camera, barcode scan and much more
  • With the it.XIA App (for Android, iOS and Windows), micro apps for service, maintenance and more can be executed to implement mobile offline scenarios
  • With the it.XIA SDK, a tool for Visual Studio Code is provided to considerably simplify the creation or customization of micro apps
  • The it.XIA Cloud is the backend part of the it.XIA App or a custom app. Here, the input is processed, and subsequent processes are initiated in Azure or MS 365
  • The it.XIA Cockpit is a web-based administration interface for the it.XIA Cloud to control micro apps or authorizations
  • The it.XIA SAP Adapter enables the link to the SAP system in order to work in the user context via single sign-on


it.XIA Requirements:

it.XIA App

  • Desktop, laptop or tablet with Windows 10
  • Mobile devices (tablet, smartphone with iOS or Android)


  • Visual Studio Code for macOS or Windows

it.XIA Cloud

  • MS Azure Cloud environment

it.XIA Cockpit

  • Modern web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Edge with JavaScript enabled

it.XIA SAP Adapter

  • SAP Cloud Connector to SAP ERP or S/4HANA
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Tenant (Cloud Foundry)


SAP System Requirements

  • Release SAP ERP 6.0 (EHP 5 – 8); SAP_ABA 7.31 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 – 1605
  • SAP service and maintenance processes

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