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Create, Modify and Process Microsoft Word or PDF Documents in a Flexible Way

Modern communication with attractive documents plays a major role in digital transformation, especially when it is necessary to create and edit documents flexibly and interactively. With our solution, Microsoft Word® and PDF documents can be dynamically created from SAP® data. Templates, images and texts are maintained directly in the system in Microsoft Word®. Documents can be processed flexibly (encryption, e-mail, etc.) and can be forwarded to various output channels. The support of document-based processes offers additional flexibility.

Your Benefits

Modern Communication

Impress your customers, suppliers and employees with sophisticated digital documents

Optimization and Automation

Automate documents and processes, dynamically create and digitally edit documents

Integration and Processing

Direct integration into your applications and comprehensive document processing options

Your Benefits

Improve Communication with Customers, Suppliers and Employees

Every day a large number of documents, correspondence and contracts, either individually or in large quantities, have to be produced. These documents are the business card of your company towards your customers, suppliers and employees. A modern and appealing design is essential today, as is digital communication via e-mail.

Optimize and Automate Documents and Processes

Document-based processes allow the automated creation and electronic provision of documents. You save a lot of time and costs, especially if these processes are digitally designed from start to finish. You benefit in particular from the possibility of requesting the necessary data, content and approvals from the people involved using forms.

High Integration and Comprehensive Processing

Processes and documents can be created directly in many SAP applications and edited and processed further in Word. The users act in their familiar environment and extensive training is not necessary. Documents can be processed in a variety of ways, e.g. to add password protection or store them in an archive.

Functions and Features of it.smartdocs

  • Creation and editing of Word documents with SAP data directly in the SAP system
  • Direct integration into many SAP applications (HCM, SD, MM, REFX, etc.)
  • Pre-defined content for many business processes enables a quick implementation
  • Contents like: Images, text modules, templates, design are maintained directly in the SAP system
  • Forms allow for additional data queries and an interactive composition of document content
  • Documents can be created interactively or in the background, for example in Message Control
  • Content and documents can be edited in Microsoft Word directly in SAP GUI
  • Different conversions: PDF, PDF/A, RTF etc. are offered
  • Flexible further processing and transfer to various output channels
  • Various processing options are available, e.g. PDF encryption, e-mail, archiving, etc.


  • Release SAP ECC 6.00 – 6.18
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 – 1605
  • SAP GUI 7.5 (at least)
  • Microsoft Word 2013 (at least)
  • PDF Reader
  • Internet Explorer 11 for the SAP GUI
  • Document Engine: Microsoft Server 2012 or higher / Microsoft Word 2013 or Libre Office


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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