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it.people rapid apply

Apply Intuitively and Quickly with Our Solution

Our AddOn it.people rapid apply for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting offers the solution for a fast and easy application process without a user account or a candidate profile. As a supplement to the native application mask of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, our AddOn provides a mobile solution for a One-Click application for more flexibility. This allows applicants to submit their application from everywhere and at any time.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Flexible Application Mask

Individual layout per job advertisement

Simple Implementation

Seamless integration into SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Low Bounce Rate

Intuitive application process without a user account

Your Benefits

Improved Candidate Experience

With it.people rapid apply you simplify the application process for your candidates and enable a target group-specific Candidate Experience thanks to different application masks. Using the One-Click Apply, the application process is intuitive and clear and enables an easy application, also via mobile devices.

Integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Career Website

With it.people rapid apply you offer your candidates the possibility to submit an application with user registration or per One-Click. This gives you more flexibility in the application process. Every job advertisement can be flexibly expanded by connecting the AddOn it.poeple rapid apply.

Maximum Security

For optimal data security, it.people rapid apply enables a certificate secured connection to SAP SuccessFactors and the integration of a CAPTCHA. In addition, the customer's own privacy policy can be integrated into the application form.

Functions and Features of it.people rapid apply

  • Flexible application without a user account
  • Intuitive application process for candidates
  • Document upload additionally via dropbox cloud storage and mobile storage locations
  • Solution based on SAP Fiori Standard
  • CI-compliant design of the mobile application mask
  • Different layouts of the application input masks per job advertisement
  • Freely selectable integration of CAPTCHA
  • Seamless integration in your SAP SuccessFactors Career Website

Simplified Application Process with it.people rapid apply


  • Connection of the AddOns it.people rapid apply
  • Setup of the input mask (selection of 8 different variants)
  • Customization of the layout (possible by the licensee)


  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (Neo or Cloud Foundry)
         - Neo: min. JAVA Quota Lite or
         - Cloud Foundry: Application Runtime 2048 MB, Destination and Authorization & Trust Management

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