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it.master data simplified

Creating Value Through Simplified Master Data Maintenance in SAP

Increase data quality and governance by simplified and automated data maintenance. it.master data simplified (it.mds) is a solution dedicated to enrich and maintain your master data. Many companies struggle with the definition of clear roles and responsibilities as well as complex processes for their master data maintenance in SAP. it.mds forms a solid governance structure and contributes to a higher data quality by automating underlying processes through KI-generated rules and guidelines, leading to reduced manual errors, inconsistencies and cost.

Your Benefits

Improved Data Quality

Increased data quality to boost your productivity

Simplification & Automation

Less manual effort and reduction of visible fields due to KI-based analysis

Improved Governance

Ownership and responsibility for each master data field

Your Benefits

Enhanced Data Quality and Governance For a Boost in Productivity

Achieving a high data quality is the basis for a reduction of process costs and time as well as more reliable predictions. By harmonizing and synchronizing master data, it.master data simplified helps to structure master data from underlying business process and workflows, enhancing the overall data quality. By doing so, the solution minimizes inconsistencies and data integrity issues, resulting in lower costs and a greater degree of productivity.

Reduction of Process Errors and Manual Effort

Master data management needs to be based on central, standardized rules and clearly defined ownership throughout the entire lifecycle. Many companies struggle with a clear definition of roles and responsibilities and the complex processes of their master data maintenance in SAP. These issues, commonly reflected by a high error rate, require an increasing amount of manual effort to compensate. it.master data simplified provides companies an option to cut the manual effort related to their master data by up to 90% due to KI-based guidelines.

Simplified Decision-Making To Support Your Needs

Instead of complex, technical ERP terms, your users can define a company-specific terminology to facilitate quick decision-making based solely on your specific business needs. With workflow support and a clear overview of all master data across your business, decision-making becomes much simpler and efficient.

Functions and Features of it.master data simplified

  • Workflow support for the creation, maintenance and extension of processes
  • Includes approval and digital signature to ensure high data governance
  • Allows for the definition of company-specific terminology
  • Definition of individual logic and dependencies of global and local fields to create and maintain master data
  • KI- and RPA-based analysis of master data to determine rules and guidelines
  • Allows definition of dependencies of fields across objects
  • Includes business rules specified to organizational units for departmentalized and differentiated execution
  • Allows for profiling of master data field for consistent data processes
  • Streamlined interface
  • Compatible with SAP S/4HANA
  • Support of SAP Industry Solutions and customer extensions for tables


Business Process Overview with Simplified Master Data Maintenance in SAP

Enhanced and simplified master data maintenance in SAP for data quality and governance


Implementation and delivery:

  • Installation of master data simplified via transport import
  • Analysis of current state of master data practices
  • Coaching to define setup and usage of it.master data simplified
  • Quicker implementation due to KI-based rule analysis to simplify the definition of future business rules and processes
  • Solution configuration to support and enrich customer processes
  • Workflow setup to support and govern business rule and MDM processes
  • System integration and master data migration

it.master data simplified SAP ECC supports:

  • Material Master
  • Purchasing Information Records
  • Vendor Master
  • Customer Master
  • Additional Objects*

it.master data simplified SAP S/4HANA supports:

  • Material Master
  • Purchasing Information Records
  • Business Partners

*Additional Objects is a concept for applying workflows and governance to SAP Master Data transactions such as Recipes and Routings. These type of workflows are triggered from it.master data simplified processes.


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes information services and change notifications, Help Desk support and product updates.

System Requirements:

  • Release SAP ERP 606 (EHP5) and SAP NetWeaver 7.02 or higher
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 - 1605

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