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Intuitive, Mobile Scan Solution for Your Warehouse Processes

Mobile and flexible work in the warehouse can make your processes more efficient in the long term. With our mobile scan solution, you can automate your warehouse processes and make them faster and more secure. The traceability of the movement of goods becomes transparent and more precise through the integration into the SAP S/4HANA Cloud WM. Avoiding paper-based processes with this mobile solution speeds up processing times and reduces the probability of errors.

Your Benefits

User Experience

Intuitive and easy to use

Process Security

Reduction of manual errors


Shorter processing times thanks to mobile use

Your Benefits

Increase in Data Quality by Reducing Incorrect Entries

With it.cloudscan you can process your warehouse orders without any media discontinuity in the warehouse and thus avoid many errors. With the help of a mobile device, e.g. a conventional warehouse scanner or a smartphone, barcodes of a storage location, pallet, charge or article number can be read out directly and validated with the value expected by the system. Only data records that can be processed are transmitted to the ERP.

More Efficient Warehouse Processes by Using Mobile Devices

Whether storage or goods movements within the warehouse, all warehouse tasks can be processed quickly and efficiently. The warehouse employee can log in with his user and his workplace and create his personal worklist by assigning warehouse tasks and work through them step by step. In this way, all warehouse tasks can be processed transparently and without overlapping, even in more complex warehouse environments.

Guided Processes Reduce the Effort Involved in Training

Especially in the warehouse there are often seasonal workers who have to be trained quickly. The user interface of the it.cloudscan solution is intuitive, self-explanatory and based on the latest Android standards. The user is guided through the process from screen to screen and can thus fully focus on his work.

Functions & Features of it.cloudscan

  • Reservation of a specific storage resource
  • Assignment of a warehouse resource to a warehouse order
  • Overview of warehouse orders for a specific process type
  • Warehouse orders for production supply and internal warehouse movements
  • Overview of the warehouse tasks that are assigned to a specific warehouse order
  • User confirms the task by scanning the product ID, charge, source & target location & accepting or manually processing the quantity
  • Display of a confirmation or error message
  • Product- and storage location-specific inventory
  • Cloud-based single sign-on
  • Support multiple languages
  • SAP backend integration via whitelisted APIs
  • Offline demo mode


System Requirements:

In order to be compliant with the SAP license conditions, every it.cloudscan user also needs an "S/4HANA Cloud for self-service user". All relevant SAP S/4HANA Cloud processes (scope items) for cloud warehouse management must be activated, implemented and tested.

Technical Requirements:

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essential Edition 2102
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Mobile Services (Cloud Foundry)
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Connectivity Manager
  • Android Smartphone (Android 8.1 or more) or mobile scan device with an android operating system (Android 8.1 or more)

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