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Validated Mobile Application for Calibrations

it.calibration is a cloud application for iOS and Android with direct connection to calibration management in SAP ERP or S/4HANA. The seamless integration provides access to all calibration master data as well as calibration orders from the SAP backend. The 100% paperless process shortens long preparation times and reduces the risk of errors many times over. For highly regulated industries, a secure testing process developed according to GAMP5 is ensured.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements


Significant time savings and reduced risk of errors

Compliance Standards

Audit-proof results according to GAMP5

User Experience & Mobile

Simplified usability due to intuitive interface

Your Benefits

Reduction of Manual Errors During Data Entry and Transmission

By connecting the it.calibration mobile app to your SAP system, the error rate during manual data entry and transfer is significantly reduced. The two-way communication between front-end and back-end enables the automated exchange of master data and test results. This reduces the risk of errors many times over and at the same time significantly shortens the calibration process.

Optimized Calibration Through Integration and User Experience

With the use of a mobile application for calibrations, all relevant information is available to the user directly on site - from calibration orders to a historical overview of the measured values. Order assignment to available resources via the app and intuitive data entry of as-found and as-left results via the user-friendly interface significantly speed up the calibration process.

Adherence to Regulations and Compliance Standards

Many manufacturing companies, from the process industry to food production, are subject to strict regulations. The various measuring devices must therefore be precisely calibrated and audit-proof in order to meet industry-specific requirements. With it.calibration, your calibration results are guaranteed to be CSV and GMP compliant. To this end, the app also uses a four-eye principle and the option to confirm the measured values with a digital signature.


  • Connection of the mobile application to the SAP backend via the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • Transfer of calibration specifications and information (e.g. also tolerances) from SAP to the app
  • Overview of assigned calibration orders at person level
  • Manual assignment of calibration orders via the app
  • Detailed order and status information per calibration
  • Registration of as-found and as-left results
  • Registration of the reference standard per location / room
  • Visual display of error and limit values as well as listing of historical results, for trend / deviation analysis
  • Use of a 4-eyes principle
  • Optional: Digital signature for signing and storing measured values


  • Mobile front-end application to perform calibration activities  
           -   Allocation of resources to calibration jobs
           -   Results recording
           -   Calibration workload
  • Easy two-way integration into the backend via SAP Business Technology Platform
           -   Calibration specifications and object information into the frontend
           -   Results and non-conformance data into the backend


The application is connected to the SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system via the SAP Business Technology Platform.

The solution can be used online on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Technical Requirements:

  • SAP Business Technology Platform

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