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Develop and Validate Use Cases for Chatbots

The „NTT DATA Business Solutions-bot-methodology“ enables you to work on different use cases for chatbots and voicebots in your company. A one-day workshop allows you to get an introduction to the technology and generate ideas for its use.

The extended version of the workshop includes the development of a prototype. This makes it particularly suitable for companies that already have initial ideas for the use of bots and want to validate these ideas.


High Availability

Bots are 24/7 reachable

Natural Language Processing

Bots are able to understand human language


Employees are supported by bots


Identification of Multiple Use Cases

Bots can be useful in many cases. On the one hand they might be installed internally in order to to implement self-service scenarios or to enable simple interactions with the SAP system. On the other hand, bots might help addressing customers through new channels. We have developed an itelligence-bot-methodology“ to develop of these use cases.

Detailing One Use Case

One use case is selected from the identified use cases, which is then worked out in detail. This includes a definition of the business case and the development of possible conversation flows.

Prototyping and Test

We attach great importance to an early validation and optimization of the use case. Therefore, the conversation flow of the bot is improved iteratively during the workshop. In addition, it is possible to implement the selected use case as a prototype in SAP Conversational AI in order to test it and verify its value.


The workshop is available in three dimensions:

  • innovative
    For companies, who want to gain first insights and generate ideas for the use of this technology
  • intensive
    For companies, who already have initial ideas for using bots and want to validate them with a prototype in SAP Conversational AI
  • intensive PLUS
    For companies, who are willing to develop a comprehensive bot use case and want to implement it as a "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP)

Details innovative

  • A one-day workshop is conducted interactively and led by a moderator.
  • One chatbot expert supports the participants with his know-how.
  • The workshop includes an introduction to the chatbot technology as well as a user-centered identification of challenges that can be solved by using a chatbot.
  • After selecting one use case, this use case will be examined in depth during the workshop, and a detailed use case description will be created.
  • An iterative approach is used to optimize the solution (e.g. optimizing the conversation flows of the bot).
  • A photo protocol of the workshop is created.
  • The workshop can also be conducted virtually (2x 4 hours). intensive

  • The first day of the workshop includes a presentation of the chatbot technology, the collection of challenges in your company and a user-centered solution finding process.
  • An experienced moderator leads the interactive workshop and is supported by a chatbot expert.
  • On the second day, the results are iteratively improved by taking a closer look at the dialogues between the chatbot and the user.
  • The results of the interactive workshop are implemented as a prototype by two experts from itelligence AG.
  • SAP Conversational AI (SAP CAI) will be used to develop this prototype.
  • At the end of the three-day workshop, the results including the prototype are presented. intensive PLUS

  • Optional extension of the intensive workshop: Realization of a minimum viable product in SAP CAI with message server (incl. programming and testing with "real" users).


  • Willingness to attend a „hands-on workshop”
  • 6-8 employees from different divisions

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