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it.AR innovation workshop

Develop Use Cases for Augmented Reality in an Interactive Workshop

This workshop allows you to identify different possibilities for using Augmented Reality in your processes. It is particularly suitable for companies who want to gain first insights and generate ideas how to benefit from this technology.


Augment the Real World

Work Hands-Free

Offer New Services


Experience Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) allows completely new perspectives and possibilities. Diving into this world is an important part of our workshop. This enables the participants to experience the potentials of AR in order to include it in the next workshop phase.

Identification If Multiple Use Cases

There are many possibilities for benefitting from AR. For example, the technology can be used in maintenance or logistics, but also in many other processes. A creative methodology is used to develop specific use cases (based on Design Thinking). Thereby the potential users of the AR app are in the center of the identification process.


We attach great importance to early validation and optimization of use cases. Therefore, one selected use case is examined in depth and realized as "paper prototype". On the one hand, this allows you to check quickly the value of the AR app. On the other hand, the generation of further ideas is boosted.


There are two variants of the workshop:

  • it.AR Experience: A half-day workshop for companies that would like to get an introduction to the topic and want to gain first insights and experiences.
  • it.AR Explore: A one-day workshop for companies that want to get to know the technology and use a creative methodology to generate several ideas for its use.


it.AR Experience

  • A four-hour workshop is held by an Augmented Reality expert.
  • The workshop includes an introduction to the Augmented Reality technology and testing different Augmented Reality devices and apps.
  • Moreover, a user-centered methodology helps to identify potential functionalities of a powerful Augmented Reality app.
  • A photo protocol of the workshop is made.


it.AR Explore

  • A one-day workshop is conducted interactively and led by a moderator.
  • The participants are supported by an Augmented Reality expert.
  • The workshop includes an introduction to the Augmented Reality technology and a user-centered identification of challenges, which can be solved by using an Augmented Reality app.
  • One selected use case is examined more closely during the workshop by creating a detailed use case description and a paper prototype.
  • A photo protocol of the workshop is made.


  • Willingness to attend a „hands-on workshop”
  • Around 6-10 employees from different divisions


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