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Intelligent Enterprise Overview Workshop

Make your SAP Business Processes Smarter with Intelligent Technologies

With our Intelligent Enterprise Overview Workshop, we provide you with a practical overview of how your SAP business processes can be accelerated, automated and optimized by integrating innovative technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, RPA, chat and voice bots, etc. Fields of action are developed and possible resulting activities are discussed in connection with the goal of supporting your company towards the Intelligent Enterprise.


Added Value

Understanding the added value of intelligent technologies

S/4HANA and Intelligent Technologies

Relevant Use Cases in the S/4HANA context

Proposed Solutions

Proposed solutions for your challenges


SAP Intelligent Enterprise Approach

SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise strategy helps you to drive digital transformation. We will present the SAP Intelligent Enterprise approach and explain how you can use the Business Technology Platform to link product usage data (X data) from your customers and your data from operational business applications (O data), thereby optimizing your current business processes and enabling new business models, and thus support integration and innovation.

SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions Best Practices & Use Cases

We present SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions best practices for the use of intelligent technologies in the SAP environment as an overview and in detail for each specialist area (logistics, production, sales/service, etc.). Discuss the benefits for your company and feasibility of possible scenarios and case studies.

Intelligent Enterprise Assessment

We present our methodical approach "Intelligent Enterprise Assessment". Intelligent Enterprise Assessment is used to identify the digitalization potential along business units and process chains as a possible follow-up measure on the way to the Intelligent Enterprise.


  • Greeting, introduction explanation of the workshop goals
  • Keynote "technology trends“
  • SAP Intelligent Enterprise approach
  • SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions best practices/use cases for Intelligent Enterprise
  • Discussion and derivation of possible implementation scenarios
  • Presentation of Intelligent Enterprise Assessment
  • Discussion and next steps


In a joint one-day workshop we will deal with the digitalization of your company in terms of technology topics described above. To do this, we first create a common understanding of these topics.

In the first half of the workshop we will present the current technology trends, their medium- and long-term effects on companies and their business benefits in the form of a keynote speech. Furthermore, the SAP Intelligent Enterprise approach to the digitalization of business processes will be presented. Based on the knowledge gained, application scenarios in your company are discussed. The development of possible solutions depends on the status and degree of digitization of your company. Therefore, the focus of the workshop and the concrete approach for the workshop will be agreed with you in advance.

In the second half of the workshop, SAP best practices for the use of intelligent technologies in the SAP environment will be presented as an overview and in detail for each department (logistics, production, sales / service, etc.). The relevant use cases based on intelligent technologies are discussed. Then an outlook on the methodical approach of NTT DATA Business Solutions (“Intelligent Enterprise Assessment”) for the identification of the digitalization potential along the business areas and process chains is given as a possible follow-up on the way to the intelligent enterprise.

Following the workshop, a documentation of the results and a prepared presentation for the C-Level will be made available. Recommendations for action are also provided.





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