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HCM Transformer

Copy, Adapt and Anonymize Personal Data

Human resources management is subject to constant change: legal and operational changes must be implemented promptly and strategic corporate goals, such as acquisitions, must be realized as quickly as possible. For this purpose, the most up-to-date personnel data is required in a test/development system, both for subsequent ongoing operations and during the project phase. Our solution is the ideal tool for this. Data can be exchanged individually or in bulk between SAP systems.

Your Benefits

Legal and Operational Changes

Coping with system adaptations quickly and safely

Migration, Acquisition and Merger

Enabling the implementation of strategic corporate goals

Time and Money

Significantly reduce costs in projects, system maintenance and operation

Your Benefits

Coping with Legal and Operational Changes

The timely implementation of legal and operational changes in ongoing operations is essential. For this purpose, the most up-to-date personnel data is required in a test/development system. This is the only way to reliably check any adjustments that have been made and identify any differences. The provision of this data, but also the comparison is possible at any time simply and quickly with our solution.

Managing Migration, Acquisition and Merger Successfully

Changes in the company structure usually require the transfer of a large amount of data from one SAP system to another. It may be necessary to convert keys such as the personnel number. For legal reasons, for example, there may also be a requirement to transfer only certain contents and periods. The HCM Transformer offers extensive functions for this purpose, to provide the required data in high quality.

Saving Costs and Valuable Time

Time-consuming and critical client copies can be eliminated, as anonymized test data can be provided at any time. HCM projects can thus be accelerated and costs for HCM system maintenance reduced.

Functions and Features of HCM Transformer

  • Copy via remote connection, local file or via SAP server
  • Copy employees, applicants, organizational objects, wage groups and company data
  • Cloning, i.e. any duplication of objects in the target system
  • Selection of data areas e.g. administration, time management, etc.
  • Selection of individual data objects e.g. DÜEV, Elster, etc.
  • Conversion of keys such as personnel number, object ID, and so on.
  • Automatic adjustment of data to the number ranges in the target
  • Comparison of data between system, clients and persons
  • Anonymization of data
  • Deleting data
  • Customer objects and tables can be integrated
  • Conversion rule can be defined for all fields
  • Filters can be defined for all tables
  • Support of over 25 country versions


  • Release SAP ECC 6.00 – 6.18; SAP_ABA 7.02 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 – 1605
  • SAP GUI 7.5 (at least)

The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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