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Encrypt Forms and Evaluation as PDF and Send Them Automatically by E-mail

Printing time statements, payroll statements, etc. involves a great deal of effort. The costs for consumables and personnel are not insignificant. You can send such evaluations simply and cheaply by e-mail as an encrypted PDF file to employees, managers, cost centre managers, clerks, etc. This reduces the effort considerably, because the time-consuming printing, sorting and distribution is no longer necessary. In addition, employee satisfaction and data protection are significantly improved.

Your Benefits

Costs and Time

Save time and costs by eliminating all paper supplies and automation

Optimization and Automation

Create evaluations and forms automatically and address them to the right recipient

Safety and Employee Satisfaction

Protect evaluations with a password and send them as PDF via e-mail

Your Benefits

Saving Costs and Time

Paper, printer, ink, envelopes, etc. can be omitted if they are sent electronically. In addition, your personnel costs are reduced because printing and enveloping are no longer monitored and distribution can be omitted. Not to mention the fact that the elimination of consumables also improves environmental protection.

Optimize and Automate Processes

Evaluations can be prepared for each employee, the manager, administrator or cost center manager. For each recipient the respective evaluation is automatically created, encrypted and sent by e-mail. The message is personalized in order to address the addressee with a suitable text. Further attachments can also be sent, for example to provide up-to-date information.

Increase Security and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Evaluations and forms are automatically converted into PDF format, encrypted by an individual password and can thus be read and printed on various end devices of the recipient after entering the password. Communication is secure, direct and via a modern medium that is available everywhere today.

Functions and Features of HCM@Mailings

  • Automatic creation of the evaluations / forms as PDF for: employees, superiors, clerks, cost centre managers
  • Password encryption
  • Dispatch to distribution lists and fixed recipients
  • Alternative printing possible if no e-mail address or password available
  • Provision of the evaluations for external service providers
  • Freely definable message with placeholder for personalization
  • Simultaneous sending of further attachments
  • Documentation of all processes in the system


  • Release SAP ECC 6.00 – 6.18; SAP_ABA 7.02 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA 1610 (at least)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 – 1605
  • SAP GUI 7.5 (at least)
  • MS Windows Server from 2012 or Linux Server with current Java Runtime for encryption


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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