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GTS solutions

Optimized Processes in Foreign Trade with GTS solutions

Companies acting on a global level need a different strategy for the complex requirements of foreign trade: requirements from customs and authorities, lack of data control in the SAP standard, insufficient data quality and high manual efforts complicate daily business. With GTS solutions, the modules it.GTS process control, it.GTS preferences and it.GTS IC-Preference Cockpit provide three efficient tools that support the control of data, the determination of the maximum and minimum purchase price for preference calculation and the generation of preference statements with the help of a cockpit.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Optimized Foreign Trade Processes

Stringent control via user-friendly tools

Valid Data & Calculations

Increased data quality for precise processes

Increased Process Safety

Reduction of manual errors and efforts

Your Benefits

it.GTS process control

it.GTS process control supports the customer in the sorting out of data such as organizational, master and transaction data, bills of materials with subcontracting as well as co-products. Depending on several classification criteria, foreign trade processes in SAP GTS can be used in a differentiated manner. The tool supports rollouts and subsequent implementation of SAP GTS. It controls out and integrates, depending on what is needed.

it.GTS preferences

The maximum and minimum price required by customs is provided for costing. You control the procurement indicators for subcontracting correctly. Unnecessary worklist can be easily deleted - with documentation.

it.GTS IC-Cockpit

Process preference statements faster: Issuing preference statements within a company is often very difficult and time-consuming. With this solution, you have the possibility to pass on the statement to the other plants that also sell the products in the shortest possible time. By implementing it.GTS IC-Cockpit, you can quickly and easily transfer your preference statement to the other plants.

Functions & Features of GTS solutions

The GTS solutions package includes powerful tools for controlling relevant data such as organizational, master and transaction data, bills of materials with subcontracting and co-products, preference calculation and intercompany preferences:

it.GTS process control

  • Process control organization level
  • Procurement indicator control materials and bills of material
  • Exclusion of item categories

it.GTS preferences

  • Declaration of origin on invoice
  • Price determination
  • Transition of the maximum purchase price
  • Deletion of the worklist of supplier and customer long-term supplier declaration

it.GTS IC Cockpit

  • Clear tool for issuing LLEs between two administrative units of a company
  • Implementation of tools, based on SAP GTS 11.0, for SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA
  • Full transparency through user-friendly, flexible interfaces
  • Short implementation time at an attractive package price


  • Installation of the product in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA required installation files as SAP transport request
  • List of transport requests
  • Installation guide
  • User documentation
  • Product interface (screens, online help and messages): German, English
  • Documentation: German


System Requirements

  • Release SAP ERP 604 (EHP4) (or higher)
  • Release SAP S/4HANA
  • SAP GTS 11.0
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS 7.50
  • AddOn AN.00646 Central Components

General Requirements

Customer-side services must be performed in advance of use. We would be glad to provide optional support for these tasks. Please ask us for a corresponding offer if required:

  • Ensuring the necessary system requirements (release, patch status, OSS notes, other requirements)
  • Import of transport requests into relevant systems
  • Setup of the solution
  • Installation of customer-specific adaptations or extensions
  • Mass and integration tests
  • Key-user and user trainings

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