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Enhanced Quality Message

Integrated Functions for Supplier, Customer and Internal Quality Notifications

Additions to Quality Notification provide user-friendly, integrated and proven quality notification types while simplifying the handling of supplier, customer and internal notifications. The solution can optionally be implemented in already productive quality notifications. Additional processes can also be triggered directly from the activity bar.

Your Benefits

Pre-configured Notification Types

Advanced functions for suppliers, customers and internal quality notifications

Optimisation of Subsequent Processes

Transfer through supplementary data

Customisable Parameterisation

Image control and document control customizable

Your Benefits

Operating in the Central Tool - Monitoring in Your SAP Standard

With additional preconfigured message types, helpful supplementary information is transferred to subsequent processes using the SAP standard. This facilitates process steps and evaluations that support overarching applications such as cost accounting, invoicing or returns. In addition, jumps to other applications are possible.

Functions & Features of Enhanced Quality Message

This AddOn uses the quality notifications as a basic function. Pre-configured notification types for supplier, customer and internal notifications are delivered. For each notification type, several ergonomic functions of the standard are delivered, which are activated from the respective quality notification. 

Functions of the extended supplier complaint

  • Creation of a return delivery
  • Generating a vendor debit note
  • Notification person responsible or coordinator of complaints processing

The prerequisite for these processes is the determination of partner functions, which is part of the solution.

Creation of customer return from action box

  • Goods receipt posting in returns stock without returns order
  • Creation of a repair or rework order without material reference
  • Creation of a return delivery to the customer without preceding document 

The customer return is thus integrated in the document flow of the quality notification.

Functions of the extended internal problem notification

  • A repair or rework process can be started from this quality notification.
  • The notification type contains SAP standard and supplementary functions that are delivered pre-configured. 
  • Furthermore, a pre-configured order type for the creation of a production order is delivered. The corresponding production order is settled to the result with this function. The creation of the repair or rework order is carried out as follows.


The scope of delivery includes:

  • Provision of software licence
  • Provision of relevant transport requests
  • Installation guide with description of the technical requirements as well as the necessary import steps
  • Customizing documentation with description of the necessary and optional settings for the solution
  • User documentation with a description of how the solution works

Available languages:

  • Solution (interface, online help and messages): English, German
  • Documentation: German


SAP Release:

  • SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 and 1605
  • SAP S/4HANA 1511 - 1909 (on-premise edition)

Specific Software Components:

  • SAP_FIN: 7.20 - 7.30 or
  • S4CORE: 1.00 - 1.04
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS: 7.50 to 7.54

Required Business Functions:


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