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Digital TrendStorming Workshops

With Mega Trends to a Secure Future Strategy

The modular workshop series aims to learn about relevant trend topics that will decisively shape future business and to develop them into a prototype in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut. Using well-founded methods such as design thinking, business model canvas, potentials are also reflected in terms of change management and innovation potentials and the customer-specific future image of the company is outlined.



Megatrends as factors influencing future products and services


Implementation of modern, innovative business models

Investment security

invest in the right topics for the future and secure your investment


Identifying megatrends early as added value for your company

Mega trends affect society, politics and the economy over several decades with varying degrees of influence and should therefore be considered more closely by companies when evaluating future processes, structures, orientations and business models. The detailed examination of megatrends offers a high added value, as correlations and direct influences on business areas and models can be worked out quickly, effectively and collaboratively.

Effective Methodologies and the Megatrend Work Kit

We work closely with the Zukunftsinstitut and thus have our finger on the pulse of the (future) times. With the output of the digital megatrend work kit (multimedia toolbox), innovative thinking approaches, modern change management approaches as well as effective ideation methodologies combined with the design thinking approach, we bring the best of your ideas into your customized prototyping.

Creative path for the future strategy of your company

In the workshop series, experienced trend scouts introduce you to megatrends with creative methodologies and help you find a creative way into your company's future and to secure your market share. In this way, the requirements of your industry and the potentials of the selected megatrends can be reflected and elaborated. Based on customer-specific insights, a capable future strategy for new business potentials and more competitiveness is developed and important guard rails and fields of action for the future image of your company are identified.

Description and Details

The five workshop modules have been designed as sequential workshops, each focusing on the different levels of megatrends and their influence on your future model. Likewise, you can choose your appropriate module individually:

it.megatrend-storming workshop

Learn about the current megatrends and discover different trend terms and influencing factors.

  • Discover the megatrends of the future and their sub trends for trend impulses (in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut)
  • Develop these trends with innovative approaches and assess their potential for your company and your business models
  • Digital mega trend work-kit for you for further internal use

it.megatrend-deepening workshop

Focus on 2-3 selected megatrends that have the greatest influence on your company. Deepen these insights in a future strategy that is presented as Idea-Pitch 2030.

  • Put on the glasses of the future and become a trend scout - for your company on 2-3 megatrend
  • Reflect on the requirements of your industry and the potentials of the selected megatrends
  • Based on your findings, develop a capable future strategy for new business potentials and more competitiveness

it.megatrend-tailoring workshop

Recognize the connections between the megatrends and your company culture. Identify important guard rails and fields of action for the future image of your company.

  • Consider the megatrends against the background of your corporate culture and use this as a basis for designing a new image of the future for your company
  • Look at your individual future and identify guard rails and fields of action for your organization
  • Elaborate four central guard rails as a new orientation for the customer-specific future image of the company

it.megatrend-design workshop

Prioritize up to 3 ideas from your Idea-Pitch 2030 and bring them into the first prototyping. Which of these ideas are realistically feasible?

  • We combine effective ideation methodologies with the design thinking approach with you and bring the best of your ideas into prototyping
  • The iteratively created prototypes are optimized and tested as well as checked against your customers' requirements
  • Develop a business case for the ideas incl. a pitch approach for your management

it.megatrend-action workshop

Use the results from the prototyping and start with the implementation. Together with the NTT DATA Innovation Lab, you create the first implementation strategies. Scope: As required

  • Consulting package for a successful digitization strategy and its implementation
  • Embedded in the NTT DATA Innovation Lab
  • Strategies for the implementation of innovative ideas for the further development of business models and the exploitation of innovation potentials
  • Imparting of necessary skills
  • Targeted program management & roadmap with recommendations for action from our experts


We will provide you in advance with some information on the megatrends based on the documents of the Zukunftsinstitut so that the participants can already get a rough overview and possibly grasp initial ideas and references to their own company

Availability of the following groups of people for the workshop:

  • Innovation Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Information Officer
  • Strategic units
  • Employees who work at the interface between organization and innovation management
  • Creative minds #courage

If the workshop is held at the client's premises, please provide the following equipment:

  • Internet access (if necessary, we share working materials etc.)
  • Projector with VGA or HDMI connection
  • Flipchart and / or whiteboard

The client ensures the participation of the employees in the workshop. Participation via video conference is possible. In this case, the client provides the appropriate technology.

The maximum number of participants is 6-12 persons per workshop.

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