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Cutover App

Cutover App

In large projects, a large number of different stakeholders must be coordinated. When milestones are reached or especially at go-live, cutover activities have to be planned and optimized - ideally in real time and independent of the work location. The app supports planning, optimization and flow control of complex distributed processes. Excel-based plan templates are automatically checked, processed, visualized and actively controlled by the app.

The Cutover App revolutionizes project management in the Intelligent Enterprise and was developed together with SAP. It can be used to control projects in all industries and also in non-SAP environments.

Your Benefits
Scope & Requirements

Single-Point-of-Truth and Interactivity

Central project plan avoids errors and saves time and money through interactive processing

Transparency with Real-Time Project Status

Comprehensive overview of the status of all projects with drill-down

Collaboration of Multinational Teams

Support of multilingual project plans ensures project success in distributed teams

Your Benefits

Real-Time Display of the Task Status of All Projects

Tabular display of tasks in a project plan including the current processing status. Tasks can be assigned ad-hoc by project managers to other employees. Communication functions allow to reach all project members via message ticker, in-app messaging or e-mail.

BPMN Process View and GANTT charts

Cutover plans are often created in tabular form in Excel format. The dependencies of the tasks in complex plans are visualized by the automatically generated representation as BPMN process model including the critical path. The representation can also be displayed as a GANTT chart and as a tabular view at any time.

Multi-Project Dashboard with Drill-Down

The customizable dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the status of all projects. The different key figures can be positioned as widgets and allow a drill-down to the corresponding task. The combination of intelligent functions leads to complete transparency for all team members and decision makers during critical and limited time frames.

Functions and Features of Cutover App

  • Real-time error reporting
  • Significant reduction of project risks
  • Seamless collaboration of distributed work teams
  • Accurate automated monitoring of all person and system startup activities and control from any location
  • User device independent
  • Communication and workflow framework that monitors exceptions and incidents requiring immediate intervention
  • Multicloud application


  • Web-based, software-as-a-service application – no installation required
  • Coaching and documentation of the solution


  • Chrome and/or Firefox Browser

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