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Business Process Outsourcing

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Travel Expenses: BPO-Services for Smart Back Office Solutions

SAP based, our BPO package solutions provide a proven track record for the professional and permanent operation of your processes in Finance and Accounting, Payroll and Travel Expenses. Our BPO services provide firms with cutting edge IT processes and expert know-how, which bundled together and available on demand provide you with highly efficient and stable IT processes.

Your Benefits
Business Cases

Technical Expertise

Know-how & cross industry experience since 1993

BPO Service Modules

Outsourcing of parts or entire back office processes

Certified Quality

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and certified SAP® BPO Partner

Your Benefits

Competence and Individual Care

With Business Process Outsourcing, you receive know-how on demand. Experienced professionals and financial accountants faithfully take on all tasks and ensure that your accounting and payroll processes run smoothly. You enjoy individualized support service in the form of direct availability of our qualified contact persons and/or billing teams.

Relevance and Security

With us, your commercial processes are technically and legally up-to-date. We guarantee fail-safe processes and assurance of consistent compliance with laws and collective bargaining regulations, as well as with internal and external regulations/guidelines. Service level agreements guarantee the highest level of reliability, quality and security.

Labor Efficiency and Cost Transparency

Our service eliminates the need for short-term staff expansion. You gain flexibility in the event of staff absences, structural changes and, more importantly, in times of crisis. Our service is transparent and financially measurable. Fixed costs become transparent, demand-oriented, variable costs..

Smart Business Process Outsourcing

Working together with our customers, we identify digitization and process optimization potentials. We pass on our day-to-day business and cross-sector experiences to your business on a daily basis. Keeping up to date with new technologies, we integrate RPA (Robotic Process Automation) into customer processes and implement sustainable, efficient service solutions for your back office.


BPO Service Payroll: Takeover of all accounting-related activities for all groups of employees, from hiring to the departure of an employee

  • Basic Service Payroll, expandable to a suitable solution with specific outsourcing service modules
  • Basic Service Components: e.g. remuneration processing, garnishments, preparation and follow-up, implementation of monthly accounting, certification system
  • Extended Service Module: e.g. partial/early retirement, absenteeism management, loans, pension beneficiaries, statutory statistics, short-time work (Kurzarbeit)
  • Process and Digitization Consulting


Accounting Service: Holistic solutions for Finance and Accounting with standardized process landscape

  • Individual services ranging from the outsourcing of specific sub-processes in accounting (out-tasking) to full service
  • Booking and Accounting according to HGB, tax laws and IFRS
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Asset Accounting
  • Reporting & Controlling
  • Process and Digitization Consulting


Travel Expenses Accounting Service: Statutory accounting for every business trip, whether domestic or international

  • Basic Service modularly expandable to the appropriate travel expense accounting solution with specific service modules
  • Components of the Basic Service include e.g. processing and checking of the travel documents (plausibility, completeness, internal requirements), billing in accordance with the law
  • Extended Service includes e.g. recording of travel expense receipts, travel expense payments, transfer of accounting data to the financial accounting system/ HR department, and reporting
  • Process and Digitization Consulting

Business Cases

Scenarios for the use of Business Process Outsourcing (outsourcing Accounting/Payroll)

Holistic outsourcing can be used effectively and the following scenarios clarify the importance of using BPO services: Labor issues, strong growth, mergers and acquisitions, lack of innovation (stagnation) or economic and financial crises, all of which can throw companies off balance.


Business Transformation

  • Market forces and competitiveness put enormous pressure on profitability. The company generates very low profit margins.
  • The support processes are rigid, outdated and not aligned with market needs and opportunities.
  • Payroll processes tie up too many employees; Accounting provides little meaningful reporting; and figures can only be provided with time-consuming manual operations, hence a time lag hindering productive work.
  • Smart BPO is indispensible for modern organizations looking to optimize their market strategies. It offers expertise, IT and digital enhanced processes and interface skills. BPO service with targeted automation ensures competence, productivity and high quality service using cutting edge technologies.
  • The outsourcing service provider is responsible for administrative and operational activities. The pay-per-use model ensures businesses flexibility on the cost side.
  • The Accounting and HR departments can act as business partners, creating optimal value for your business.


Fast Business Growth Scenario

  • There are numerous company acquisitions in a relatively short period of time.
  • Accounting department is unable to adapt its structures and processes to these new developments in a comprehensive manner.
  • Lack of competence and expertise become a permanent challenge in accounting.
  • Increasing error rates and delays are the result and become the new norm.
  • The careful operational implementation of the accounting processes can be ensured through outsourcing. Highly specialized BPO partners step in and lead accounting out of chaos. They carefully implement new accounting processes, ensuring long-term normal operations.
  • BPO partners have all the expertise needed; they take over the routine accounting processes, enabling flexible access to experienced professionals.
  • Trustworthy BPO partners are always ready for all eventualities and can scale operations as needed.


Carve Out

  • Accounting and Payroll are re-structured as a dedicated central unit in a shared service center within a company.
  • One division is sold and spun off from the group.
  • Make-or-buy decisions must be made with regard to ensuring the commercial success of the new outsourced unit.
  • BPO services make available specialists and IT experts in Accounting and payroll.
  • In the course of outsourcing, optimized processes are created anew using cutting edge technology with a high degree of digitization through to the utilization of RPA solutions.
  • With BPO service, the future independent unit gains a permanent foothold, optimizing its operations for commercial success.
  • With BPO service, costs and resource commitments for the spin-off project remain minimal.


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