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Bulk- / Container Cockpit

Mapping of Bulk Production Orders and Associated Filling Orders

Numerous process orders are required to map bulk production and its transfer to different containers. The cockpit generates the orders automatically and connects them. The add-on simplifies the creation of refilling and labelling orders. Extensive functions in the bulk and container cockpit support the schedulers with integrated bulk container processing.

Your Benefits

Clear Cockpit Functionalities

Automatic generation of individual process orders from a cockpit

Automatic Process Order Line

With 1:N relationship between production of bulk goods and filling of bulk goods into containers

Production Structures

Various process steps from bulk production and filling into containers can be mapped

Your Benefits

Simplification of Bulk Filling and Decanting

The bulk and container cockpit offers a clear, comprehensive planning tableau with all relevant information on bulk and container material, including stock levels or details on orders. Via the cockpit, the individual process orders are generated automatically. The AddOn takes over the production and filling order system, or the refill order system, and supports refills from container to container, as well as batch data, filling quantities and incorporations.

Functions & Features of Bulk-/ Container Cockpit

The AddOn takes over the production and filling order system, or the transfer order system. Especially for a 1:N relationship between production of bulk goods and filling of bulk goods into containers, the solution takes over the  process order system. It supports container-to-container transfers, as well as batch data, fill quantities and incorporations. The AddOn consists of two transactions, the production list and the bulk / container cockpit. The production list serves here as a disposition list.


Overview of the functions

  • Selection of the associated filling materials via parts lists
  • Parallel creation of bulk and associated filling orders
  • Creation of refill orders
  • Creation of additional filling orders for open bulk order quantities
  • Additional functions: Incorporation of bulk material
  • Production units of measure, filling quantity control
  • Production version selection


The scope of delivery includes:

  • Provision of relevant transport requests
  • Installation guide with description of the technical requirements as well as the necessary import steps
  • User documentation
  • Available languages: Solution (interface, online help and messages): English, German
  • Documentation: German


SAP Release

  • SAP S/4HANA Finance 1503 and 1605,
  • SAP S/4HANA 1511 to 1709 (on-premise edition)


Specific Software Components:

  • SAP_FIN: 7.20 - 7.30 or S4CORE: 1.00 - 1.02
  • SAP_ABA / SAP_BASIS: 7.50 to 7.52


The solution requires a maintenance contract, which includes info services and change notifications, Help Desk Support and product updates.

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