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it.document handling suite

Optimized Document Management through Process Digitalization and Automation

We can simplify every step of your document management process by automating lengthy manual processes. Not only does this bring consistency, reliability and efficiency, it also frees up your staff to focus on core business tasks. Our it.document handling suite covers the whole document handling process for various document types. In order to cover these we have created three products for document capture, approval and account assignment - Excellent on their own, exceptional when combined.

Your Benefits


Automated document capture process


Automated approval process with SAP workflow AddOn

it.document AI

Automated account and VAT/TAX assignment

Your Benefits

Get Rid of Repetitive Work and Manual Errors in Document Capture

Many companies still spend a massive amount of time on registering incoming documents. Invoices, sales orders and certificates are just a few examples. it.capture, our automated document capture solution, is designed to scan and process all sorts of business documents and does not require implementation of a new system and end-user training. Simply allow our software robot to fully automate your process for incoming documents. For SAP ECC and S/4HANA, MS Dynamics 365, WinActor, UiPath and other ERP and RPA platforms.

Automation, Simplicity and Ease of Use for Your Approval Processes

it.approval is built as an SAP AddOn for both, ECC and S/4HANA. The user experience resembles the one SAP users are already familiar with, which ensures easy user adoption. Some other benefits with the solution are optional use of SAP HR master data for workflow hierarchy and tables for rule-based automation of account assignment.

Let Your Digital Colleague Manage the Account Assignment

By utilizing some of the latest advancements in AI, NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed the solution it.document AI to automate account assignment and VAT coding. This contributes to a reduction of time-consuming manual work and tedious maintenance of manually configured rules by activating our automated assignment process. After the initial connection to your ERP system, the solution will immediately begin processing thousands of records from the past. For SAP ECC and S/4HANA, MS Dynamics 365, WinActor, UiPath and other ERP and RPA platforms.

Functions and Features of it.document handling suite

  • Standardized and automated document management processes
  • Out-of-the-box solution for instant use
  • Automatic compliance with legal standards
  • Reduced costs per document & optimized cash flows
  • For SAP S/4HANA SAP ECC, MS Dynamics 365, Oracle ERP Cloud, NTT WinActor, UiPath and many other backend systems

it.document handling suite is a solution for automated and optimized document management


The scope and requirements for it.document handling suite depends on the selection of products from the suite. Please visit the specific product pages for more information about scope and requirements, links below.

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